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数字技术并没有改变人们交流的方式,因为这会导致交流质量的显着下降,值得注意。通过数字技术进行交流不仅仅是有效的,而且是与防御沟通的一种方式(Rainie,et al。,2013)。数字通信手段,如短信,电子邮件和聊天,使人们能够隐藏自己的声音,面部表情和最重要的感受。不仅个人感觉,人们在数字交流的同时,回避处理他人的情绪(Healey,2013)。因此,与传统的通信手段相比,通过数字技术进行通信非常简单,两个人之间的通信距离相当Lenhart和Duggan(2014)正确地说过,数字通信或使用简短形式没有任何问题同时发短信,以便迅速和非正式沟通。


People communicating with the help of digital technology feel very much disconnected from people around them. Even though, digitally connected people have better access to their family members, friends and spouses friends and people are away just at the press of a button, or click, but communication has now become nonverbal and has lost it significance (Buck, 2012). Communication not only takes placed verbally or with the help of written word, but body language, voice tone, body posture and gestures also play vital role in communication. However, these significant aspects of communication cannot be duplicated with any digital technology. Undoubtedly, digital technology has greatly served mankind by improving their capability accumulate and assimilate information (Healey, 2013). The supremacy of the Internet and digital technologies facilitates people to connect with their friends, spouses and people around the world from almost any part of the world. Yet, these improved communication services facilitated by digital technology appear with a cultural and relational cost (Buck, 2012).

Digital technology is not changing the way people communicate for better because it is contributing to a considerable decline in the quality of communication, which is noteworthy. Communication through digital technologies is not merely for effectiveness, but a manner to communicate with defence (Rainie, et al., 2013). Digital means of communication, such as texting, emails, and chats enable people to conceal their tenor of voice, facial expressions and most importantly feelings. Not only personal feelings, people evade handling with the emotions of others while communicating digitally (Healey, 2013). Therefore, in contrast to conventional means of communication, communication through digital technology is shallow and carries on a distance between two people communicating with each other Lenhart and Duggan, (2014) has rightly said that there is nothing wrong in digital communication or using short forms while texting in order to communicate rapidly and unofficially.