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What is Human Society?

Society is a dynamic term with various meanings and aspects. Researchers through millennium have provided numerous definitions and elements contributing towards formation of a society. Society is commonly referred to a group of like-minded people having determined interpersonal relationships. According to another definition, Society is comprised of people dwelling in a common geographical territory. People in a society are subjected to similar political, ethical and cultural expectations. They have same norms, customs and moral values which may be governed by another larger and strong society. It is also mentioned by some researchers that society is an infrastructure based on culture, politics, socialism, economy, industry made collectively by distinct individuals. In a society, people have identical lifestyles and living conditions. They have same preferences in life with respect to relations, money, religion, career, education, etc. People of a common society are recognizable due to their common traits and thinking patterns.

What is meant by Nature and Natural Environment?

Natural environment is referred to all the living and non- living entities that are present naturally in this world. Along with the living entities, natural environment also covers their interaction among themselves. The existence of natural species and static elements which are not spoiled by modernization and industrialization of the world are included in natural environment. Natural environment, generally, includes plants, animals, microorganisms, minerals, salts, rocks, lakes, water resources, atmosphere etc. Climate and geographic land type, i.e. mountain, valley, plateau, seashore, etc., have a great contribution towards natural environment. In certain climatic conditions certain resources can be nourished and reproduced which forms an overall natural environment of the area. Protection of these natural elements is necessary for maintaining originality, beauty and purity in the world. Natural environment nourishes soul, mind and thoughts of human society.