Assignment First


为了解决患有癌症的老年人的食物和营养问题,最重要的是要确保他们的精神和身体得到家庭成员的支持。还有许多其他步骤有助于处理粮食不安全问题。老年人由于身体的局限性主要面临的交通问题(盔和吉普森,2001,pp. 417-431)。应该向他们提供资源。这意味着应该有一个条款,在这些人的帮助下,他们可以在门口买到食品杂货、蔬菜和水果。这也将帮助这些人感到独立和积极,这将有助于他们过上健康的生活。

有一些项目,比如社区花园,帮助这些人自己种植植物和蔬菜。在这一计划中,社区团体提供了一块土地,土地上的家庭成员和社区成员,即年长的成员,在指定的土地上种植蔬菜和水果。这个过程是非常有效的,成员从花园的新鲜食品(poscia et al,2015)。这些社区成员还提供财务咨询,因为这是保障粮食安全的其他主要障碍之一。财务顾问有助老年人长期照顾食物问题。

营养教育在处理粮食不安全问题方面也发挥着非常重要的作用。这种教育有助于成员了解他们必须吃的食物的确切种类和数量。这将有助于他们充分地购买食物,并有成本效益。他们可以提前准备好物品清单,并按时送货上门。这些老年人也应该被告知零售商当地号码,他们可以为了他们的项目通过电话(琼斯等,2015,pp. 01-02)。


In order to address the issues of food and nutrition among elderly people suffering from cancer, the most important thing is to make sure that they are mentally and physically supported by their family members. There are various other steps which could help in handling the issue of food insecurity. The elderly patients mainly face the issue of transportation due to physical limitations (Helme & Gibson, 2001,pp. 417-431). They should be provided with the resources. This means that there should be a provision with the help of which these people could get the grocery, vegetables and fruits at their doorstep. This would also help these people to feel independent and motivated which would help them in living a healthy life.

There are certain programs like community gardens which help these people to grow plants and vegetables on their own. Within this program, the community group is provided with a land, on which the family members along with that of community group member i.e. the elderly member grows vegetables and fruits on the given land. This process is very cost effective and also the members get fresh food from the gardens (Poscia et al, 2015). These community members are also provided with financial advising, as it is one of the other major barriers to food security. A financial advising helps the elderly member to take care of food issues in long term.

Nutritional Education also plays a very significant role in handling the issue of food insecurity. This kind of education would help the members to know the exact type and amount of food which they have to eat. This would help them to buy the food adequately and cost effectively. They could prepare their list of things in advance and order the same for home delivery on time. These elderly people should also be told about the local numbers of the retailers so that they could order their items over phone (Jones et al, 2015,pp. 01-02).