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简历怎么写-Cultural tourism。Cultural tourism就是文化旅游,在过去的几十年里,旅游业已经成为一个极其重要和主要的经济部门。国际旅游业的发展速度之快令人难以置信。统计数字清楚地表明,国际游客的到来超过了历史上11.84亿人的世界记录。与去年相比,全球的这一数字增长了4%。欧洲、美国和亚太地区是这一增长的最大贡献者,因为这些地区吸引了大量的国际游客。然而,欧洲国家是游客最多的目的地。2015年,欧洲国家在全球国际游客入境人数中占据了51%的压倒性份额。专家表示,这一数字将在未来几年大幅增加。这是因为国际游客对目的地的文化场景越来越感兴趣(Trinh, Ryan, & Cave, 2016)。文化和旅游确实是息息相关的。这些目的地的文化和文化活动在旅游业的发展、增长和影响的各个方面发挥着巨大的作用。研究人员和分析人员正致力于对文化旅游的广泛研究。很明显,游客对文化购物越来越感兴趣,而不仅仅是小购物。因此,文化旅游不仅对社会结构产生了巨大的影响,而且对目的地的经济也产生了巨大的影响。如果从更广的维度来评价,我们可以发现文化旅游对世界整体经济状况也有着重要的影响。

到目前为止,我们已经意识到文化旅游极大地影响着当地的商品生产和服务设施。地方生产和服务的维持在很大程度上取决于三个主要因素——土地、劳动力和资本。专家们更加重视土地和劳动力,因为这两个因素是不可移动的。土地和劳动力是服务业最重要的方面。如果土地和劳动力之间存在超互补关系(即服务部门的劳动力使用量随着土地租金的小幅上涨而大幅下降)。经济福利只有在没有这种关系的情况下才能得到保障(Lucas, 1998)。此外,如果服务业有关的土地大部分为外国人所拥有,情况就会更加麻烦。劳动力被视为生产系统和服务设施的核心。如果对劳动参与性的需求增加,很明显会要求增加劳动者的工资。因此,服务业的实际回报受到了抑制。

For the last few decades, tourism has become an extremely important and major economic sector. The scope of international tourism is growing at an unbelievable rapid pace. The statistics clearly shows that the arrivals of international tourists exceeded to an all-time world record of 1,184 million. It is a 4% worldwide increase in respect to the numbers of the previous year. The regions of Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific are the largest contributors to this growth because these regions hugely attract the international tourists. However, European countries are the most visited destinations. In 2015, the European countries had the overwhelming share of 51% in the numbers of worldwide arrivals of international tourists. Experts suggest that the numbers will hugely increase in the coming years. This is because the international tourists are becoming more and more interested in the cultural scenario of the destination places (Trinh, Ryan, & Cave, 2016). Culture and tourism are indeed very closely related to each other. The culture and the cultural events of these destinations play a huge role in the development, growth and impact of the tourism industry in various dimensions. Researchers and analysts are engaging themselves in the extensive studies on the cultural tourism. It is quite evident that the tourists are becoming more interested in cultural shopping rather than mere petty shopping. As a result, cultural tourism is not only creating a huge impact on the social structure but also on the economy of the destination places. If evaluated at a broader dimension, we can find out that cultural tourism also has a significant impact on the overall economic condition of the world.

By far, we have realized that cultural tourism immensely influences the local production of goods and the service facilities. The local production and the maintenance of services largely depend on three major factors — land, labor, and capital. Experts give more emphasis on land and labor because these two factors are immobile. Land and labor are the most important aspects of the service sector. If there is any super-complement relationship between land and labor (where the use of labor in the service sector hugely decreases with the slight increase in the rental rates for the land). The economic welfare can only be ensured in the absence of this relationship (Lucas, 1998). Moreover, the situation would become more troublesome if a large share of the service sector related land mass is owned by the foreigners. The labors are regarded as the heart of the production system and the service facility. If the demand for the labor engagement increases, it will obviously call for an increase in the wages of the labors. Thus, the real return from the service sector gets dampened.

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