Assignment First



理想的情况是,他们关于价值观念、使命和理想的陈述应与本组织有关并是独特的。深思熟虑的陈述将为组织创造差异化,从而获得相对于竞争对手的竞争优势。然而,澳洲电信的价值观、使命和愿景的陈述没有差异化,也没有独特的关系和关联性(Balaure 2003)。他们的声明没有提到他们的产品或他们所代表的行业。在这些声明中,没有任何特定于澳洲电信提供或代表什么的内容。


澳洲电信使命宣言的不恰当之处在于,它阐述了内容解决方案和技术的构建。Telstra主要是一个提供未提及的移动和固定电信服务的品牌(Cravens 1994)。他们的任务声明缺乏明确性,这可能成为不适当决定的催化剂。在使命陈述中更清晰,比如更好地了解和服务客户,可能会更合适。




The statements of Telstra stated above are devoid of differentiation and are largely generic. However, in the recent times Telstra has been emphasizing more in the media about their customer focus. There has been increase in their outreach to the people regarding this message that might improve their brand perception.
The ideal situation is that their statements of values, mission and vision should be relevant and unique to the organization. The well thought out statements will create differentiation for the organization to achieve competitive edge over their competitors. However, the statement of values, mission and vision has no differentiation and there is no unique relation and relevance of Telstra (Balaure 2003). Their statements do not talk about their products or the industry they represent. There is nothing in the statements which are specific to what Telstra offers or stand for.
Moreover, the statements of Telstra are not always relevant. For example, the vision statement of Telstra stating that the organization improves the work and life of people is beyond their capacity. The vision is way too broad and customers, realistically, don’t expect that from Telstra. The improvement of work and lives of people require numerous organizations such as, organizations related to infrastructure, weather, transport, wealth, fitness, health etc.
The inappropriate nature of Telstra’s mission statement lies in the fact that it states the building of content solutions and technology. Telstra is primarily a brand providing the unmentioned mobile and fixed telecommunication services (Cravens 1994). Their mission statement is plagued by lack of clarity which can be the catalyst for decisions that are inappropriate. More clarity in the mission statement, such as knowing and serving customers well could have been more appropriate.
The values of Telstra are too generic and not in sync with the type of values that goes with the successful companies. Being primarily a telecommunication company, the Telstra should have emphasized on the innovation. A sense of urgency in its value statement would have been appropriate for a market leader like Telstra.
With regards to the culture, it has in total eighteen attributes that make up the total list of cultures of Telstra. The list is too long and there are far too many attributes that are difficult for the consumers to remember. This dilutes the very objective of the statement.