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本篇旧金山论文代写-可口可乐水事件讲了伦理实践是跨国公司的一种道德责任,他们总是对周围环境、公民和自然产生某种影响。这就要求他们在追求业务扩张和利润动机时,偿还或补偿他们所造成的损失。这份报告讨论了可口可乐不道德的用水行为,可口可乐在许多国家不断地毫无羞耻地破坏水资源。本篇旧金山论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Ethical practice is a moral responsibility of multinational who are always generating some kind of impact on the surrounding, citizens and nature. This requires them to repay or compensate the loss they generate in pursuit of their business expansion and profit motives. This report discusses the unethical water usage by Coca Cola who has been repeatedly, without shame, destroying water resources in many countries.

Background of the Coca Cola water issue

Coca Cola is a food and drink multinational which is operating in almost all continents. The company uses immense amount of water, almost 3.75 litres to make 1 litre of soft drink product. And along with this, it produces a lot of waste water (, 2008). This is an injustice to the cities and regions from where it extracts water and manufactures its products. The villages around Coca Cola factories have been complaining about the depletion of water levels and are discomforted by the company’s unethical practices. There has been shortage of water resources which is meant for drinking and domestic use in Kerela in India, where the company has used immense amount of water without paying attention to the impacts of its practice.

The irony of the issue is that Coca Cola, after doing this, does not apologize and continues to practice this unethical practice. The company has been violating its water usage in India, Colombia, Russia, Turkey and even in Delaware. People from these countries are protesting against the company for dehydrating water resources and depleting ground water in some cases. Thus, Coca Cola has been repeatedly violating the environmental responsibility and its corporate social responsibility as a large multinational.