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王家卫的作品《楚尔王快运》获得了国际上的广泛认可,在国内和国际上都取得了不俗的成绩。他的电影《幸福在一起》获得了最佳导演奖,这部电影讲述了一对恋人的故事。他还推出了另一部电影《In the mood of love》,这部电影讲述了一对不幸福的夫妻之间迷人而深刻的故事(Dissanayake, 2003)。他在电影制作过程中遇到了很多困难,因为中国发生了变化,而中国只有30部外国电影上映政策,所以很难让一部电影在中国上映。2006年,他成为第一位担任戛纳电影节评审团主席的中国导演。



His characters reflect the fear of being rejected by people. They fear a sense of belonging in the world, in the manner the country has been insecure to lose its own essence in the shadow of other bigger world powers. The same has been depicted in his beautiful art of work Ashes of Time, where the protagonist, an agent recourses as a selfish and heartless person under the fear of being rejected. The characters show a longing to share a soulful connection with someone, but the fear of deep emotions makes them change their course of actions in life. Their paths traverse due to their need of a partner creating a chance of a beautiful relation. These emotions are depicted by Karwai Wong in a capricious pomposity, with the help of resounding poems, tunes, aesthetic visuals and a indulging tale.
In his cinemas, the insecurity and unrest in Hong Kong has been the centre of the main background of the social environment, where people feared the chance of an attack on the country by China. Hong Kong was a British colony but due to its close proximity to China, there was always a fear that China could acquire the country, thereby leaving the decision in the hands of the people whether they want to move or stay. In the movies In the Mood for Love and Days’ of Being Wild, the director has included the drop back of 60’s amongst the unrest of the political situation; one can see the influences clearly.
Karwai Wong got great international recognition with his work, Chulgking Express which was offbeat hit both nationally and internationally. He received Best Director Award for his cinema, Happy Together, a story about two lovers. He presented another movie, In the mood of love, which was an engaging and deep story of two unhappy married couple (Dissanayake. 2003). He has faced many difficulties in the course of his film making due to the changes that occurred in the country and how it’s so difficult to get a movie released in China as the country has only 30 foreign movie releases policy. In 2006, he was the first Chinese director to preside at the Cannes film festival as a jury.
His work of art has a unique sense of vision and style. His work shows his personality, and his own personal creative perspective. It’s as if he is the author of the story and also the director. The characters play a part which is created by him. They are merely working on the line of the director who brings the life and soul to their characters and the film. He uses the film to show the world his thoughts, ideas, feelings in the form of this beautiful art of cinema.