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在苹果产品的市场中,供应商的议价能力相对较弱。这是由于苹果可能的大量供应,供应商的议价能力被削弱,也由于市场上存在的大量供应。与计算机处理器生产等零部件供应商相关的行业竞争非常激烈(Karagiannopoulos 2005)。对于苹果来说,更换供应商的成本相对较低,也不是那么重要的问题(Bettis 1995)。此外,对于其大部分零部件供应商来说,苹果是一个主要的消费者,因此供应商非常不愿意冒失去如此庞大客户的风险。这使得苹果在与供应商谈判方面的地位得到加强,从而削弱了供应商的地位。无论是苹果还是其主要竞争对手,零部件供应商的议价能力都不是主要考虑因素。

在波特五力模型的框架下,替代产品并不被认为是与公司产品直接竞争的产品,而是同一产品的可能替代品。以苹果公司为例,替代产品的一个例子是固定电话,它可以作为拥有苹果iPhone的替代品(Reves 2011)。对于苹果来说,这种市场力量很弱,因为与苹果的产品相比,大多数可能的替代产品的功能非常有限。例如,与iPhone相比,固定电话有能力做更多的事情,而不仅仅是打电话。

通常,苹果公司对以上分析的五种力量都有很强的影响。竞争水平可由公司通过对其拟开发的新产品的分配额进行配给来确定。此外,它还可以决定供应商的行为,因为从它的采购中获得的收益会慢慢地流到供应商的成本驱动因素中(Reves 2011)。与此同时,也观察到苹果如何对替代产品产生影响,同时也对新的竞争对手构成威胁。因此,可以说这些因素使它成为所有力量中最大的力量之一。


For the market analysis of companies, various market analysts and investors often seek various perspectives so as to obtain a more complete view of the position of the firm and the strengths it holds in the specific industry. Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model is one of the tools of fundamental analysis which is not confined to the financial metrics of the firm like Dividend per Share (DPS).
Within the marketplace for Apple’s product, the bargaining power of suppliers is a relatively weak force. It is due to the high number of probable supplies for Apple that the bargaining position of suppliers is weakened and also by the huge amount of supply present in the market. The industry associated with the suppliers of its parts like production of computer processors is very much competitive (Karagiannopoulos 2005). For Apple, the cost of changing the supplier to another is comparatively low and also is not such an important issue (Bettis 1995). Moreover, for most of its part supplier, Apple is a major consumer and hence the suppliers are quite reluctant to risk losing such a huge customer. As a result of this, the position of Apple is strengthened in terms of negotiations with the suppliers, which as a result weakens the position of the suppliers. For either Apple or its major competitors, the bargaining power of component parts suppliers is not a major consideration.
Within the framework of the Five Forces Model of Porter, substitute products are not regarded as the products which are in direct competition with the products of the company but are the probable alternatives of the same. An example of substitute product in the case of Apple is a landline phone which may act as an alternative for owing an Apple iPhone (Reves 2011). For Apple, this market force is low because of the fact that majority of the probable alternative products have a very limited capabilities as compared to the products of Apple. For instance, in case of a landline telephone as compared to an iPhone has the capacity to do a lot more things as compared to just making a phone call.
Usually, there is a strong influence of Apple Inc. on all the five forces which have been analyzed above. The level of competition could be determined by the company by means of rationing the allocation amounts from the new products which it is aiming to develop. Moreover, it could also determine the suppliers’ behavior because the gain which would be derived from its purchase would trickle down to the cost drivers of its suppliers (Reves 2011). At the same time, it has also been observed that how Apple could make an impact on the substitute products and also acts as a threat of the new competitors. Hence, it could be said that these all elements make it one of the largest forces amongst the all.