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本篇留学生作业代写-战略营销审计讲了战略营销审计是评价组织战略绩效的一个重要方面。英国的服务业竞争激烈,充满活力。对英国心脏基金会来说,跟上心脏病学的所有技术变化、创新和新方法变得至关重要。评估BHF目前的战略地位可以帮助组织形成未来的战略计划和战略决策,帮助他们更好地执行。此外,作为一家慈善机构,财务审慎和绩效效率对必和必拓来说尤为重要。战略营销审计可以帮助更好地了解组织的未来方向。,福特J。和易卜拉欣E。,2015)。本篇留学生作业代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Strategic marketing audit is an essential aspect of evaluating the strategic performance of an organization. The service sector in UK is extremely competitive and dynamic. It becomes essential for British Heart Foundation to be able to stay abreast with all of the technological changes, innovations and new methods in cardiology. Evaluation of BHF’s current strategic position can help the organization form future strategic plans and strategic decisions which can help them perform better. Moreover, as the firm is a charity institution, financial prudence and performance efficiency become all the more important for BHP. Strategic marketing audit can help understand the future direction of the organization better (West D., Ford J., and Ibrahim E., 2015).

Role of marketing metrics in the context of marketing the BHF

As there are more and more charity organizations coming in, service quality and innovation becomes extremely important for BHF to maintain its strategic position and prestige. It is essential that they maintain efficiency in communication and marketing so that it is possible for them to grow. It is important for the firm to be able to ensure that there is effective evaluation of all of its marketing endeavours as they are required to justify the marketing expenses to stakeholders and also be able to evaluate its effectiveness. It is possible to help BHF evaluate the levels of marketing efficiency based on marketing metrics and strategic audit and so these two tools should be well used by the firm to be able to understand the importance and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Key metrics to assess the effectiveness of its digital communications methods

The key metrics to assess the effectiveness of the digital communication methods used in BHF are the stakeholder mapping matrix and integrated marketing methods. These elements can help BHF be able to ensure that they reach out to their stakeholders as well as donors. Using the strategic marketing metrics can help the firm be able to evaluate its strategic position as well as know the long term impact of its digital communication methods. It can help them understand what changes they should be making in their communication methods in order to ensure better effectiveness. This can help create a better level of competitiveness and ensure that the firm is able to operate effectively.

The key metrics to assess the effectiveness of the digital communication methods is to be based on the model of the strategic business unit and its position. Each of the department of BHF and its SBU as well as functions needs to be evaluated on this matrix in order to create a stronger understanding of how the communication methods and its effectiveness can be evaluated.