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论文抄袭-Qualitative method of research。本章试图以一种对设计领域来说是相当新颖的方式来呈现研究的定性方法。作者巧妙地打破了迪斯尼的传统模式,专注于人类主题的研究,以使他的研究方法更加个人化。The chapter has tried to present the qualitative methods of research in a way that seems to be quite new to the design field. The author has beautifully defied the conventional protocols of Disney and has focused on researching with human subjects in order to be more personal in his approach.

The paper has represented certain examples like celebrating the fact that someone has broken a rule. Further into the paper, the author discusses more about the various kinds of qualitative methods of research. It is quite intriguing to realize the fact that these were formulated several decades back. There are several subcategories within the focus groups, which includes mini focus group, traditional focus group, online discussion groups, and party group, including individuals who are well aware of one another.
In addition, it must also be observed that the subject of ethnography has been discussed or employed since 1980’s. The paper discusses several kinds of ethnographic research like new form called ethinofuturism (this focuses on the movement of trends and cultural change due to technology) and traditional field of ethnography. Later steps in the field of qualitative research have also been discussed.
In order to research about the interaction of the consumer with the product, it is essential to include the participatory methods. It is in the later stage of product development that this can be useful just before they are manufactured on a large scale and distributed. Finally, the paper conveys that it is essential to take risks and break rules at sometimes to be innovative. It is quite difficult to ethically or legally break the rules with the field of research, especially including the human subjects. However, this is quite important for innovation to take place.




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