Assignment First


随着手机越来越智能,使用手机在大学生中变得非常普遍和流行。手机如此普及的原因有很多,比如玩游戏、发短信、听音乐、看视频、使用社交媒体、上网搜索等等。它已经成为我们生活中不可分割的一部分,不再是一个附属品。经常使用手机的影响已经在许多研究中得到了详细的研究。确定手机使用、学业成绩、生活满意度与元认知意识之间的关系是本研究的主要动机(Lepp, Barkley and Karpinski, 15)。

对于学业成绩的衡量,使用总GPA和手机短信和电话的数量,以及手机的使用时间决定了手机的使用情况。该校250名学生自愿参加了这项研究。在土耳其东南部,这项研究是在一所私立大学进行的。已经发现,在大学的学生中,手机的使用非常频繁。研究已经确定,学业成绩与手机使用之间的关系是积极的(Karpinski et al. 1190)。元认知意识与手机使用之间也存在着正相关关系。


在本研究中,SWL与MCA和接收总信息有关,但实际SWL应该与GPA有关。先前的研究已经证实,不同的生活结果可以预测SWLs,包括更强的人际关系、化学药品和酒精的使用、婚姻满意度、心理和身体健康、寿命,以及自杀风险的降低。SWL与焦虑负相关,与GPA正相关(Al-Harthy, Was和Isaacson 52)。有人认为高GPA是MCA的结果,而SWL是高GPA的结果。统计上,SWL与MCA无显著性差异。SWL与接收到的消息之间的关系是本研究的第三个发现。SWL的3%的方差可以通过接收到的总消息来预测,这在回归分析中显示。

研究还发现,焦虑与GPA之间存在正相关关系,GPA与焦虑之间存在负相关关系。在教室里,大学生们正在使用手机。探究手机使用对元认知意识、学业成绩和幸福感的影响是本研究的主要动机(Al-Harthy, Was和Isaacson 52)。然而,在学业成就、幸福感、学业成就与元认知意识之间并没有发现有统计学意义的结果。现在每个人在日常生活中都在使用一天的手机。现在每个人都有使用这些设备的习惯(Al-Harthy, Was和Isaacson 52)。此外,它可能会在许多其他方面影响我们,如我们的互动和沟通能力和思维技能越来越低。这种关系可以进一步研究。本文分析了元认知意识对学业成绩和生活满意度的影响。本研究可以在不同的环境下进行,使用不同的量表或变量。


As mobile phones are getting smarter day by day, the usage of them is becoming very common and popular among university students. There are many reasons which made the use of phones so common, for example playing games, texting message, listening music, watching videos, using social media, internet searching, etc. It has become an integrated part of our life and no longer known as an accessory. The effects of regular use mobile have been scrutinized in many studies. To determine the relationship between usages of mobile phones, academic achievement, satisfaction with life and awareness of metacognitive is the main motive of this study (Lepp, Barkley and Karpinski 15).
For the measurement of the academic achievement, total GPA was used and the number of text messaging and callings, and using time of mobile phone determine the usage of mobile phone. This study has been willingly attended by 250 students of the university. In the southeast part of Turkey, the study has been carried out in a private university. It has been found out that among the students of the university, the usage of mobile phones are very frequent. It has been determined in the study that relationship between academic achievement and mobile phone usage is positive (Karpinski et al. 1190). It also has positive relationship between metacognitive awareness and use of mobile phones.
Some of the suggestions have been revealed by this study beyond the hypotheses of its research. The effect of MCA on total GPA is the first finding. Out of total GPA of the university students 8 percent of the variance can be predicted by MCA. In the previous research, only 6 percent of the academic achievement of students of university was predicted by MCA on total GPA. The result of this study is consisting with the previous study in its prediction of academic achievement. The effect of MCA on SWL was the second unexpected result, which has been found out of this study. Two percent of the variance can be predicted by MCA on SWL and has positive effect.
In this study, SWL was related with MCA and receiving total messages but in actual SWL should be related with GPA. It has been verified by the previous research that various life outcomes are predictive of SWLs, which includes stronger relationships, chemical, and alcohol use, marital satisfaction, mental and physical health, longevity, and reduced risk of suicide. SWL is negatively related with anxiety and positively related with GPA (Al-Harthy, Was and Isaacson 52). It has been thought by some that high GPA is a result of MCA and SWL is lead by high GPA. Statistically, there is no significance between SWL and MCA. Relationship between SWL and received message is the third finding of the study. Three percent of the variance of the SWL can be predicted by the total received message, which is shown in the regression analysis.
It has also been found that anxiety has positive relation and GPA has negative relations. In the classrooms, the students of university are using mobiles phones. To explore the effects of mobile phone usage on the metacognitive awareness, academic achievement, and happiness is the main motive of this study (Al-Harthy, Was and Isaacson 52). However, between the academic achievement, happiness, academic achievement and metacognitive awareness no statistically significant result has been found. Now everyone in their daily lives is using a day mobile phones. Now everyone has a habit of living with these devices (Al-Harthy, Was and Isaacson 52). In addition, it may affect us in many other ways like our interaction and communication capabilities and thinking skills gets lower. This kind of relationships can be studied by the further researches. A paper that for academic achievement and satisfaction with life, awareness of metacognitive is very important has analyzed it. This study could be done in different settings with different scales or variables.