Assignment First

本篇論文代筆價錢-電子商務解決方案討論了每個技術變更管理都需要應用到端到端供應鏈的概念中。必須有一個清晰的計劃來創造需求,滿足需求,計劃供應和管理訂單積壓。公司需要與合作伙伴溝通,將產品交付給消費者。團隊需要關注已完成的當前方面,處理業務需求,並滿足公司運營方面的需求。公司的業務流程需要在一個較高的層次上工作,並確保需要處理轉換以滿足公司的業務需求。本篇論文代筆價錢文章由美國第一論文Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Improved e-business solution Proposal.

Each technology change management needs to be applied to the notion of the end-to-end supply chain. There must be a clear planning to create demand, meet demand, planning of supplies and also managing order backlogs. The company needs to communicate with the partners and deliver the products to the consumers. The team needs to focus on the current aspect that is done, address the business requirements and to meet the needs of the operational aspect of the company. The business processes of the company need to work in a high level and ensure that the transformation needs to be addressed to meet the business requirement of the company. The company had recently acquired Jasper Company to maintain control of the internet of things to use the cognitive data. To improve the processes, the company needs to automate the data science. This would improve the overall processes.

Technology used in Development of Solution

Big data solutions were once stuck with the use of huge domains and required massive teams of data scientist to achieve the results. In the current times, the cognitive machines are created to meet the recommendation in a matter of few hours. The use of recommendations based search engine optimization is the technology that is proposed for these issues in Cisco (Kitchin 2014). The consumers can have reduced time in looking for content. The company can also use these tools to provide the consumers with insider tips. It can enhance the overall user experience and create a schema where the people are able to connect with the brand. By this process of automation of the recommendation, there could be improved efficiency to meet the business demands of the company.

Identification of the ethical, and legal implications of the solution

In the cases, where there is automation of data is required. The companies need a huge volume of data of the consumers. They also need to understand the implication of data collation from the different sources. This is specifically more complex in places where the minor data is collated. The search engines need to treat between the collations of data for business purposes and to maintain the privacy of the individuals. There could also be a loss in consumer patronage when the customers sense that they are monitored. The recommendation must be an aid to improve the communication between the stakeholders and not focus on the ways that would impede privacy. This is an ethical conundrum that needs to be addressed

6. Impact of Change

By implementing a better feasible system, the company and its staff would have reduced wait times. The company needs to ensure that the proper system is in place. Once there is automation, there would be reduced wait time for the company.


Cisco Company needs to bring in change in their recommendation system. They have procured the Jasper Company for this reason exactly. In this paradigm, the companies need to find ways to work together the business requirement and the technical needs of the company. The automated recommendation system would be a panacea. However, the issues of ethics and maintenance of piracy needs to be considered in this schema.