Assignment First

本篇論文代寫-廢物回收利用讲了通過在再利用和循環利用方面提出創新來處理廢物。曾經被視爲廢物的東西現在可以被視爲一個潛在的供應來源。任何額外的部分都可以由公司通過內部流程重新分配(Rana et al., 2016)。在內部使用了所有的途徑之後,公司可以通過嚴格的程序來確保在二級市場上銷售之前,沒有技術專利存在於零件上。公司應與選定的再銷售合作伙伴密切合作,研究與轉售有關的若干市場因素。本篇論文代寫文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Another best practice is to tackle waste through bringing forward innovations within reusing and recycling. What has been viewed as waste can now be seen as a potential supply source. Any extra part can be redistributed by the company as determined through the internal processes (Rana et al., 2016). After using all the avenues internally, the company can then indulge in going through a process of rigor for ensuring that there is no technological proprietary residing over the parts prior to selling over the market secondarily. The company should work in closer collaboration to selected partners of remarketing for looking at several resale related market factors.

Another best practice should be to maximize to recycle as much as possible. The company can maximize the process of recycling as much as possible by looking into everything that can be recycled consistently (Smedley, 2014). There might be some items which cannot be crushed but the company needs to look at newer innovative avenues for doing so. From this, the company can become a circular economy which does not process any residue or waste. The products and services should be such that they offer sustainable medium and also sustainable approaches to reorient organization in the right manner possible.


The solutions of circular economy have been found by identifying and acting over interests that are shared. The key shared aim across the value chain recovery is efficiency of material recycling for the obvious benefits of cost. In turn, efficiency results in supplying and a predictable flow is demanded by the market (Ning, 2011). The company through the perspective of various case studies highlighted in this paper, need to understand that collective strength with regard to circular economy is always of benefit. Through bringing resources of globalized nature for bearing markets locally where one operates and putting into process efforts to scale, it can help company reap various circular economy related business benefits. It is essential to consider mapping of value chain and identifying gaps in the system with identified costs.