Assignment First


史蒂夫·喬布斯可以被稱為現代傑出的領導者之一,他展示了一些非凡的領導能力(Bass and Bass 2008)。他能夠表現出對追隨者的需求作出反應和指導員工的一些非凡能力。他有效地履行了自己的所有職責,被視為一位傑出的領導人。有各種各樣的領導理論可以應用到史蒂夫·喬布斯身上;然而,變革型和魅力型的領導風格可以應用於許多。喬布斯通過將成就歸功於員工,並認可公司專註於現代化和客戶滿意度的能力,向他的追隨者展示了高度的敏感性(羅賓斯和Judge 2007)。


蘋果對自己的產品負責到底。在喬布斯的監督下,對硬件的各個方面都進行了仔細的檢查。同樣的,用戶體驗在他的每一行代碼中都是被他所重視的,在蘋果經銷店的每一個銷售人員中也是如此。他對卓越的熱情反映在他對“整個部件”的迷戀上。為了激勵人們,他使用了他強大的磁性人格(Devoe 1999)。由於他的控制態度,公司作為一個封閉的系統和專有的框架是可靠的,這使得公司從競爭對手中脫穎而出。

此外,為了重塑市場,創新者改變了遊戲規則;他註意到,保存內容的人都在焚燒dvd。他有一個想法,人們可以把照片和視頻保存在互聯網上,而不是刻錄在cd上。他提出了用iTunes軟件和iTunes store改變娛樂行業的新概念。他讓人們很容易就能買到音樂,並把它們保存在iPod或電腦上。在iPod取得巨大成功之後,他在內存、操作系統和處理方面進行了更大的創新。


Steve Jobs could be called as one of the prominent leaders of the modern era who showcased some exceptional abilities of leadership(Bass and Bass 2008). He was able to showcase some exceptional capabilities of reacting to the needs of his followers and also directing his staff. He effectively performed all his duties and was regarded as an exceptional leader. There are various kinds of leadership theories which could be applied on Steve Jobs; however the transformational and charismatic style of leadership could be applied amongst the many. A great degree of sensitivity was showed by Jobs for his followers by means of attributing the accomplishment to the staff and also accrediting the capability of the firm in focusing on modernization and customer satisfaction (Robbins and Judge 2007).

The other theories which could be applied to the leadership style of Steve Jobs is transformational kind of leadership. He in the start devised the approach for the core objective of the firm. At the later stage, he tried to encourage and attempt the members of the team by allocation of roles and tasks so as to ensure that the objective established is achieved. By laying emphasis on consumer experience and producing software, he had a vision to progress the firm around(Bernard 2000). At the same time he was solely focused on taking personal risks to accomplish his vision.

Accountability is undertaken by Apple for its product till the end. Under the supervision of Jobs, all the aspects of the hardware were cautiously examined. Similarly, user experience was regarded by him in each line of code and also of the every salesman who operated in the outlets of Apple. His enthusiasm for excellence was mirrored by his fascination for ‘the whole widget’. In order to motivate people, he used his strong magnetic personality(Devoe 1999). With his controlling attitude, the framework of the firm as a closed system and proprietary was reliable and this made the firm stand apart from the rivals.

Moreover, in order to reinvent the market the innovators alter the game regulations; he observed that people for saving content were burning DVDs. He had an idea that people could save the photos and videos over the internet rather than burning it on CDs. He came up with the new concept of altering the entertainment sector with iTunes software and iTunes store. He made it quite easy for the people to buy music and save them on iPod or computer. He made greater innovations in memory, operating systems and processing after a remarkable success of iPod.