Assignment First

  本篇论文代写-顾客口味和偏好讲了顾客的品味和偏好有两个方面,即产品类型和质量以及产品的吸引力。摘要近年来,我国社会消费品零售总额的波动主要有三方面的原因:一是家庭可支配收入的波动;二是商店营业时间的变化;三是小麦价格的上涨。然而,面包和蛋糕的需求已经被顾客口味和偏好的变化所加强,这主要是由于有旨在达到饮食要求的产品。本篇论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Strategic Issue 2: Changing Customer tastes and preferences

  There are two aspects of customer tastes and preferences which are product type and quality and the attractive presentation of the product. Retail sales have been over the years fluctuated due to three factors which are the fluctuations in the disposable income of the real household, alterations in the shop trading hours and rise in wheat price. However, the demand for bread and cakes has been reinforced by the changes in the tastes and preferences of the customers mainly due to the availability of products that aim to achieve the dietary requirements.

  This strategic issue is important because it is the customers who are regarded as the valuable asset of the company and the sales and profitability of any company are dependent on the purchasing behavior of the customers. The purchasing behavior of the customers is shaped by the tastes and preferences based on the current trends in the desired market. As far as Baker’s Delight is concerned, over the next 3-10 years, they would face the challenge of sufficing to the needs of the customers due to their rapidly changing tastes and preferences for bread and cakes. The popularity in the new variety of bread and cakes is again fuelled by the introduction of the instore bakery shops in the supermarket chains. On other hand, the consumers are aware and conscious about the dietary requirements and have information of consuming multigrain bread as compared to the traditional bread (Inside FMCG, 2017). The availability of the multigrain bread and gluten free products mainly occur in the instore bakery shops of the supermarket chains such as Bondi Eastgate, Broadway and Chatswood Westfield etc. With steady income growth and the continued zest for education, there has been universal social acceptance of health benefits. Consumers are well aware that the health benefits are associated with consuming protein rich bread such as multigrain bread, brown bread and rye bread. The independent bakery shops like Baker’s Delight are finding it difficult to meet the needs of the customers based on their current tastes and preferences so that they are potentially losing grounds in the bakery industry.

  The potential impact of the changes in the tastes and preferences of the customers is affecting the business of Baker’s Delight. Due to failure to determine the exact requirements of the customers’ tastes and preferences, Baker’s Delight is losing customers and thereby the sales of the bakery products have declined (Kendall, 2014). The decline in the sales would account for the lowering of profitability and eventually reach a breakeven point in the next 3-10 years. Another impact is the investment on the acquisition of rich varieties of bread and setting suppliers have been a troublesome act for Baker’s Delight and would affect the profitability of the company in the long run.