Assignment First

本篇論文代寫行情-可持續城市主義講了可持續城市主義是一個可以應用於城市、城鎮和發展型社區的概念。需要在不同的涉衆之間開發協調管理和溝通的需求,以實現所需的目標。每個城市和政府組織都使用了許多策略來使城市更具可持續性。這樣做是爲了確保子孫後代的可持續性。本篇論文代寫行情由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Sustainable Urbanism is a notion that can be applied in cities, towns and developmental neighbourhoods. A requirement for coordinated management and communication is needed to developed between the different stakeholders to achieve the required target. Each municipality and governmental organization uses a number of tactics to make the cities more sustainable. This is done to ensure that sustainability for future generations. A number of tactics are used to ensure the cities achieve a more sustainable path. Some of them include increasing of sustainability by density management, integration of transportation and land particularly in auto-dependent era. Creation of sustainable neighbourhoods are centres of locally-owned businesses and liaisons with the neighbourhoods. It has been observed focus on the universal accessibility of the services. The research that is done below is some of the techniques that are used in Melbourne and Auckland.

Reisi, M., Aye, L., Rajabifard, A. & Ngo, T. (2014). Transport sustainability index: Melbourne case study. Ecological Indicators, 43, pp.288-296.

In this research, it was observed that quantification of the sustainability process of the urban transport. This was considered to be important as it had enabled to focus on the transport and land use sustainability. The paper was observed to have reviewed the main initiatives that handled the challenge of gauging the transport sustainability. This was done by the use of long lists of pointers or indicators. In order to address this challenge, a method was developed which was used for the obtaining of a “composite transport sustainability index” in the Melbourne statistical local areas (SLAs). In this research, 9 sustainability indicators that are relevant to the urban transport were used. The focus of this research was to ensure that the people were allowed to maintain their current living standards and factored in the ways to induce sustainability in these operations. This is an important way to ensure that quality of life was maintained along with the resource management techniques. This study is important as it sheds lights into the important processes and variables that need to factored in development of an urban sustainable plan. The issue in this research is that it focuses on the different variables and less focus is given to the ways to address the innate issues and challenges. These are addressed in the other research that is considered below.