Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫行情-Zara公司的市场报告講了Zara是世界上最大的服裝連鎖店之一。它在大約100個國家有分店,這是它最大的優勢。另一個優勢是,該公司是世界上最大的零售商之一的一部分。Zara的品牌是他們擁有的另一個優勢。此外,服裝的生產成本較低,其中包括創新的時裝設計。這家公司最重要的弱點是不登廣告。本篇論文代寫行情文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Zara is among the largest clothing chain in the world. It has its stores in around 100 countries which is its biggest strength. A yet another strength is that the company is the part of one of the biggest retailer in the world. The brand name of Zara is yet another strength which they posses. Further, the clothes are produced at lower cost which consists of the innovative fashion designs. The most important weakness of the company is the policy not to advertise. The company believes that they can easily establish in the world without advertisement which makes its marketing little tough. Also the target segment of the company isn’t loyal enough to the consumer (Hines, T & Bruce, 2007). Though, the company has tremendous opportunities as it is expanding in many nations in the world. Also, Zara has opportunities in online marketing segment as it is growing at a fast pace. The company also needs to be aware from its competitors such as Uniqlo, Mango & H&M which are there biggest threats. Also the economic downturn in many nations may pose a serious threat to its business.

  Zara’s position in the market

  The company has been able to maintain its market position as a leading online and offline clothing store because of the unique business model of the company and the use of technology. At present the company has turned up as the largest retailer in the world who is related to fashion. The overall sales of the company have grown by 50% in the past five years. The company has accounted for a total sale of around $17.5 billion. The numbers of employees of the company are around 110000. The company has created a great environment for shopping in its stores and is providing great fashion accessories to the people. Zara has also been successful in building of the most famous brand in the market with the help of the completely unique system of design, production and supply chains (Solomon et al, 2008). Because of the fast fashion concept, the company has also been successful in establishing a great hold in the fashion industry. Also because of the plan to provide the fashion for those people who have a lower income, the prices of the company are more reasonable in comparison to other companies. The company has established its position in the minds of those customers who are not looking for the luxury clothing and want fashion products. Also by creation of 40000 new designs annually, it has been successful in hitting the market of the entire world. In 2012 the company recorded 17% more sales than the previous years. Also, the number of online sales is higher than 40 %. The percentage of visitors to the stores is around 8%. The target audience of Zara Company mainly includes teenagers and the youths are much more connected to the fast fashion concept.