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本篇论文代写价格-冲突和冲突管理讲了冲突的产生可以定义为两个人之间产生的意见分歧。冲突在商业中不被认为是有害的方面。冲突和冲突管理的好处增加了人们对人与人之间冲突的了解,以及人们在不损害他人利益的情况下实现其目标的方式。它也使更好的团队凝聚力和助手在更好的回顾。需要有适当的有凝聚力的管理和领导来确定更好的行动方针。为此,必须考虑到情况的主观变量。本篇论文代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Conflict arise is a fact that can be defined as the difference of opinion that arises between two people. Conflict is not considered as a detrimental aspect in business. The benefits of the conflict and conflict management increase in the understanding of the conflicts between people and the ways in which they meet their goals without undermining others. It also enables a better group cohesion and aides in better retrospection. A proper cohesive management and leadership are needed to determine a better course of action. For this there is a must to factor in the subjective variables of the situation

The purpose of this analysis is to critically analyse the nuances of conflict from the case study presented below.

Transcript Analysis

In the inception of the interview, Camerota starts with a statement that says to the “defenders of Islam”. It implies that he is going to say something demeaning about the religion. However, he proceeds to state different opinions of people regarding the religion. Lemon statements indicate that they want to analyse the situation. Lemon introduces Reza Aslan and the Bill Maher clip. Lemon plays the role of the moderator and asks Reza Aslan about his views. It is evident from this action that Lemon wants to discuss the differences of the opinion. He wants to discuss about the conflict. The implied role is that Lemon wants more conflict in the discussion. He wants to be the moderator which is elucidated in this role he plays. Reza Aslan takes a defensive tone and critiques Maher. Aslan invariably defends his religion. He wants to postulates that people in certain demography are the ones planning on women genital mutilation. However, Camerota says that religion is the problem. Aslan tries to focus in each space. He invariably is defending Islam in the process he discusses about the issues of Africa and states that it is not practiced in place of Saudi Arabia.

Aslan focusses on taking the stand that people who have emotional issues are going to develop extremist tendencies and that the religion of Islam does not promote violence. The allusion of Camerota is that the religion is the problem. Aslan feels that his religion and his identity as a Muslim are under threat. He wants to postulate that people in these nations are the ones who need to address their issues. He also discusses about human nature in general. Camerota feel a general fear against the religion. He is taking that bias. The evaluation of different actors of the conversation has been detailed in the following.