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本篇论文代写价格-盖茨比的伟大之处讲了从个人角度来看,盖茨比可以被定义为一个善于伪装的人。他努力确保他所扮演的角色绝对值得钦佩。他出生在一个贫穷的农民家庭。他创造了一些惊人的东西。他是制造谣言和谎言的工具,尽管这些都不是真的。他的故事是悲惨的,他无法衡量真正的国王,因为他没有坚持社会的道德命令。他是幻觉的大师,这就是他的伟大之处。他不是一个典型的英雄。在读者看来,盖茨比的衰落是必然的。然而,他的努力确保他没有达到令人印象深刻的顶峰。本篇论文代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

From a personal standpoint, it is assumed that Gatsby can be defined as someone who is great at pretending. His efforts to make sure that he maintains that persona is definitely worthy of admiration. He was born in a poor farmer’s family. He was able to create something spectacular. He was instrumental in creating rumors and lies even though none of them were true. His story is tragic and he could never measure to the real kings as he did not adhere to the ethical mandates of the society. He is a master of illusion and that is where his greatness lies. He is not a classical hero. For the reader, it becomes evident after a certain point that downfall of Gatsby is inevitable. However, his efforts make sure that he does not reach that peak that is impressive.

Nick also identifies and realizes that Gatsby’s so-called trips to India were just false. He is not a good liar. However, he starts to believe his own lies and they take over reality. The description in the chapter 6 portrays the ways as to why Gatsby can never be satiated. It is because Gatsby has a child’s imagination and is stuck in the adult world. He has an oblivious approach and it becomes evident that they will not be secure or everlasting.

In many ways, the allusion of Gatsby has been rightly compared with the Great depression. This is owing to the fact that there was a giant financial bubble that was to be broken to reality. Majority of the people did not care just like Gatsby did not care if it was true. Nevertheless, the hopes and positive assumptions in the minds of the people cannot be refuted. There is a strange allure in the illusion that draws the people. There are people in the current times that are like Gatsby, they refuse to accept the reality and create imaginary worlds in their own minds.

To conclude, Gatsby’s greatness lies in the illusion that he was able to develop and the efforts he took to ensure that the illusions became a reality.

This illusion of hope exists in every person’s mind. It is up to the individuals to mix reality, hope and pessimism to live their life.