Assignment First

本篇論文代寫價格-HIH審計公司讲了提供審計和諮詢的同一家公司有許多優勢,前提是該公司絕對植根於立法的完整性。審計公司知道什麼是錯誤的,並建議修復執行。顧問知道公司在未來需要做什麼來實現它想要的增長。他們知道哪些領域可能會冒投資風險。公司瞭解HIH的核心優勢和弱點,非常清楚什麼可以做,什麼不能做。這使得它的建議非常具有創新性,也支持了它在審計方面的便捷性。這些好處在公司發現其與HIH在戰略和有意不披露特定信息方面的不一致時是短暫的。本篇論文代寫價格文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The primary reason for hiring former members of the auditing firm that audited HIH is the belief that incubates new members could probably provide HIH with a superior level of decision making suggestions. Since the former members were auditing HIH many years, they would be best fit to sit on the board that governs the firm, and then they can get rid of unwanted areas and safeguard the company against any kind of foreseeable risk.

However, looking at the findings which unfolded the real intents, it looked like inducting former members was an exercise to serve their self-interest and cover up all intentional wrongdoing of the future.

b) The same firm providing auditing and consulting has numerous advantages, provided the firm is absolutely embedded in legislative integrity. The auditing firm knows what’s wrong with a firm and advices fix to be executed. The consultant knows what the company needs to do in the future to grow as it wants. And they know the avoid areas which may risk its investments. The firm understands the core strengths and weaknesses of HIH and knows very clearly what can do and what cannot do. This makes its advice very innovative and also supports its ease in auditing. These benefits short lived the moment the firm finds its misalignment with HIH in terms of strategies and non-disclosure of specific information intentionally.

However, the firm is the only one which understands the intricacies of HIH and its affairs. It is the first point of contact by investigating authorities on suspecting wrongdoing on part of HIH. An ethical firm will deliberately disclose the misinformation and misdeeds of HIH, even if HIH is not willing. This probably is the greatest benefit of being an auditor and consultant.