Assignment First

  本篇論文 代寫 價格-網絡成癮講了根據Shaw & Black的研究,臨牀樣本和大多數相關調查顯示男性佔優勢(2008年,第353頁)。爲了揭示這種上癮的嚴重程度,英國利茲大學心理科學研究所對1319名年輕人和成年人進行了一項問卷調查。他們使用科學的數學方法得出網絡成癮的程度,以提高這一領域的意識。本篇論文 代寫 價格文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  As per Shaw & Black, clinical samples and a majority of relevant surveys report a male preponderance (2008, pp. 353). In an attempt to reveal the severity of this addiction, the Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, conducted a questionnaire-based study of 1,319 young people and adults. They have used scientific mathematical methods to derive the level of internet addiction to increase awareness in this field. This study explored the concept of Internet addiction and examined the relationship between addictive symptoms and depression. They used Sampling methods and an online questionnaire. Out of 1,319 respondents, they found 18 (1.2%) identified as falling in the Internet Addiction (IA) category. They used three scales the IA Test, the Internet Function Questionnaire and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and did correlation analyses on data collected. They derived that men, especially younger are more likely to fall in the IA category (Morrison & Gore, pp.121).

  Similarly a telephone survey conducted on the general US population estimated the prevalence of internet addiction as 0.3–0.7%. Survey also depicted male preponderance. It is also believed that internet addiction disorder is mostly in countries which have widespread computer access. Internet addiction is related to psychiatric co-morbidity is common (Shaw & Black, 2008, pp. 353).

  What are the symptoms

  Due to lack of set rules and procedures, the diagnosis of internet addiction is very difficult currently. There are no standardized set of criteria to recognize addiction itself. The internet addiction is still to be accepted as an addiction by authorities (Young, 1999, pp. 22). Nevertheless, some hospitals and clinics around the world are regarding this as an important disease to look for. Some common symptoms accepted by the addiction counselors include the following:

  Obsession with the Internet always thinking about last internet usage or next possible usage.

  Seeking satisfaction by using internet.

  Constant failure to control urge to use internet.

  Inability to cut-off or reduce internet time.

  While not using internet feeling depressed, restless, irritable and moody.

  Spending longer time then planned on internet.

  Risking other important things for the sake of internet usage.

  Concealing truth about the extent of internet usage.

  Using internet to create false identity.

  Making internet escape door from guilt, hopelessness and loneliness.

  Though there are lack of documentary standards to establish internet addiction, we can be guided by these warning signs and help ourselves and people around us to fall prey to this disorder.