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本篇论文代写价格-珠宝的使用讲了珠宝的使用是最古老的传统之一。人类从远古时代就开始使用珠宝了。与美索不达米亚文明一样,最古老的人类文明印度河流域文明也有男性和女性佩戴珠宝的证据。此外,珠宝的使用在当今世界的大多数社会都是显而易见的。男性和女性都使用珠宝。在当代社会,人体穿洞和穿洞区佩戴珠宝的趋势越来越明显。本篇论文代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The usage of jewelry is one of the most ancient traditions. The human has been using the jewelry from the ancient age. The oldest human civilization, like Mesopotamia Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization bears the evidence of uses of jewelry in both male and females. Furthermore, the use of jewelry is evident in most of the societies in this contemporary world. The males and females both use jewelry. In the contemporary societies, the trend of body piercing and using jewelry in the pierced area is increasingly growing. In the 70s, there was some change happening in the fashion of jeweler, most of the jewelers and artist put great emphasis on body, and the body is emerging as a vital concept for the jewelers. The body jeweler that attached to the body part is increasing. The young generation is experimenting with their looks with a various option so that they trying several things that change their body appearance (Baiomy 125-852). There are many jewelers, and jewelry artist uses the body for jewelry. Hence, the jewelry has become the reciprocal part of the body. They use the body as a direct object for physical attachment of the jeweler. In this matter, the body gesture is important, and the jewelry use has changed in the gesture of the young people. In contemporary jewelry, the jewelers try to use the body as a concept and the body jewelry is gaining popularity.

Thesis statement

Contemporary issues in body jewelry (gesture)

The body jewelry, especially, the contemporary jewelry and body arts have changed over the time. In the 70s, a change had been evident in the jewelry fashion. The jewelers designed the jewelry that attached to the body part of the individuals, and in this way, the body jewelry was introduced. From that, period several changes have been observed in the jeweler fashion. The jewelers try to make the jewelry which is hidden from the people eyes and implanted under the skin of the individuals. The steel implant jewelry, which is implanted under the skin, was introduced in 1975, and the jewelry can be seen by X-ray. In this ways, the concept of jewelry wearing has been changed over the years.

The contemporary jewelry and gesture are increasingly gaining popularity among the youths as they want to show then distinct from others (Ceniceros, Brown and Swartz 225-338). Hence, the issue is to understand the reason behind the increasing popularity of the body jewelry among the youngsters.