Assignment First

本篇論文 代寫 價格-主流語言讲了主流語言是被大多數人使用的語言。主流語言被認爲是語言環境中的主導語言,澳大利亞的情況也是如此。主流語言在政治上使用得更多,在澳大利亞的環境中也很明顯,有必要採取措施促進土著傳統中存在的語言的多樣性,否則它們很容易被主流語言所取代。在此背景下,當考慮到主流語言可以被看作是一個問題、一種權利或一種資源時,本文從問題和資源的角度進行了論述。本篇論文 代寫 價格文章由美國第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

A mainstream language is one that is used by a wide majority of the population. Mainstream languages are observed to be the dominants in language context as observed in the case of Australia, too. Mainstream languages are used more politically and are evident in the Australian context, it is necessary to implement ways to foster the diversity of languages that exist from indigenous traditions or else they could easily lose out to the main stream language. In this context, when considering the argument that mainstream languages can be seen in three ways, as a problem, a right or a resource, this essay agues based on the point of a problem and a resource. Mainstream language can become a problem for indigenous languages and indigenous language learners, but at the same time, mainstream language can be a resource in the way it helps connects indigenous learning population.

Defining Issues

Two main issues from the case study will be addressed here, which are how loss of language and cultural transmissions over generations will gradually result in the loss of language forever. Here mainstream language of Australia is understood as a problem, because it leads to the loss of the indigenous languages.

The second issue is that indigenous language learners and teachers have to start using the mainstream language in order to revive and sustain their own languages. Here mainstream language can be argued as a resource to be used for sustaining and reviving the local usages of indigenous languages.