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本篇论文代写价格-业务和组织战略讲了这个战略问题很重要,因为来自超市的激烈竞争可能会迫使贝克的乐趣失去市场份额,从而减少利润。超市被认为是各种产品(包括食品和杂货)的一站式解决方案。在澳大利亚,一些受欢迎和占主导地位的超市连锁店是Coles, Woolworths和Aldi,这是非常重要的。由于贝克的喜悦是失去市场份额,重要的是,该公司采取的战略计划,以收回股份。本篇论文代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This strategic issue is important as this intense competition from the supermarket instore bakeries is potentially forcing Baker’s Delight to lose their market share and thereby reduce the profits. It is the supermarkets that are regarded as the one-stop-shop solutions for any kinds of product including the food and grocery products. Some of the popular and dominant supermarket chains in Australia are Coles, Woolworths and Aldi which is significant. Since Baker’s Delight is losing the market share, it is important for the company to undertake strategic plans to reclaim the shares. It has been found out that 67.7% of total dollar market share has been acquired by supermarkets in the bakery industry in which Coles accounts for 26.1%, Woolworths has 25.8%, Supermarkets IGA and Foodland have 8.4% and Aldi accounts for 6% (Ibisworld, 2017). Consumers generally desire for convenience shopping and if they have the provision to avail for every product under one roof, then they would prefer to make all kinds of purchases from the supermarket chain. This would eventually lower the sales in the retail and independent bakery shops such as Baker’s Delight. Thus, with the advent of one-stop solutions of the supermarket, Baker’s Delight in the next 3-10 years would likely to lose all market shares. Therefore, this strategic issue of facing stiff competition from supermarkets and losing market share is relevant and important for Baker’s Delight.

The potential impact of the tough competition from supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths and Aldi in Australia is the loss of market share. The instore bakery shops have expanded their operations and are making use of technologies to produce high-quality, gluten-free bread and baked products. This intense competition is leading to the contraction of the customer base for Baker’s Delight and thereby reducing the sales of the company. Consumers are interested in buying products under one roof as they could purchase clothes, footwear and grocery and bakery products all in one payment system. The potential shift of the customers from purchasing bread and other baked products from independent retail shops like Baker’s Delight to in-store bakery shops in supermarkets is leading to the decrease in the profits of the firm. In the next 3-10 years, if this trend continues, then there would arise a potential threat of a shutdown of Baker’s Delight.