Assignment First

本篇论文 代写-教学目标与实际效果讲了通过我所做的研究,我发现在NNES的情况下,学习环境的含义是正向的。原因是导师在教授语法和发音时能够与学生产生联系。然而,学习者关系的暗示表明新概念对新概念的有效性更高,因为新概念教师是更强的动机来源。NEST的环境包含了真实的语言,灵活创新,给说话者信心(Chun, 2014)。然而,NNEST使用书卷气十足的语言,怀疑说话者的信心。该指导极其谨慎,缺乏创新性。在NEST的情况下,对英语口语的关注比NNEST更有意义,因为它更实用,而且不会给学习者强加严格的规则。NNEST可能会在教学项目中加入更严格的术语。我觉得NEST很有趣,而且是优先于NNEST的选择。本篇论文 代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Based on the studies that I carried out, I find that the implication of learning environment is on the positive end in case of NNES than NES. The reason is that mentors are capable to associate with students in teaching grammar and pronunciation. However, the implication of learner relationships shows high effectiveness of NES over NNES as NES instructors stand as stronger sources of motivation. The environment of NEST includes real language that is flexible and innovative and gives the confidence to the speakers (Chun, 2014). Nevertheless, NNEST uses bookish language that doubts on the confidence of speaker. The guidance is extremely cautious and is less innovative. The focus on English speaking is meaningful in case of NEST than NNEST as it is more practical and does not impose hard rules to the learners. NNEST is liable to incorporate stricter terms to teach items. I feel that NEST is interesting and the choice of preference over NNEST.

Reflections on solo practice

Teaching aims and actual outcomes

My aim of teaching is to offer sufficient language inputs and motivate the learners to speak fluently and accurately.

While this was my aim of teaching, I observed that the learners either speak fluently or accurately. It has been difficult to achieve both simultaneously because of the diverse backgrounds of learners. I also found that some of them are not interested to take up language inputs as they are already proficient and just wanted tips to improve fluency. Hence, I learnt that the objectives should not be generic, but customized based on individuals.