Assignment First

本篇论文代写-文化意识的行动策略讲了这里的策略将是尽可能多地尝试和了解自己,以认识到我应该在哪些地方提出改变,以及我仍然薄弱的地方(Thomas et al, 2009)。课程阅读帮助我理解这些观点,因为课程阅读描述了使用自我评估框架,如使用SWOT分析的个人成长和使用个人发展计划(Tomalin et al, 2013)。开始增强自我意识可以通过探索我个人的历史根源、价值观和信仰来实现。本篇论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This part will outline the action strategies taken to achieve the goals. The criteria utilized for determining whether goals achievement has been done successfully or not will further be analyzed.

Goal 1 (Action Strategy): The strategy here will be to try and learn about myself as much as possible in order to acknowledge where I am supposed to bring forward a change and the areas where I am still weak (Thomas et al, 2009). Course readings have helped me in understanding these perspectives as well because the course readings have depicted to make use of self-assessment frameworks such as using SWOT Analysis for personal growth and using personal development plan (Tomalin et al, 2013). Getting initiated on enhancing self-awareness can be done by exploring my individual roots historically, my values and my beliefs. This has been confirmed through various researchers such as Robert et al, (2010). According to this researcher, there is an 8 step process which involves various exercises such as providing description on one’s historical ancestor and the experiences, thinking over the functions of family as if it was a group and characterizing the thought based styling representation either as emotional state or a rationalized state (Tomalin et al, 2013). Individual assessment will help in making me realize the role played by culture within my life. It will further make me aware of my individual bias while leading to spark curiosity of open minded nature over other individual’s cultures. I think that this is a fun strategy to deploy.

Goal 2 (Action Strategy): This will lie in attending conferences which have a focus over diversity. There are several such conferences in which the true meaning of diversity and information on various cultures is provided. I think that this strategy will benefit me a lot. It will help me to align my self-awareness skills with the skills of cultural awareness (Thomas et al, 2015). This will further be useful to me because it will teach me essential concepts on culture such as cultural sensitivity. Sensitivity will make me more oriented towards the culture of other people. I will also try to arrange a practical experience for myself in my father’s organization wherein there are a number of culturally diverse individuals working in collaboration to each other. Here I will get the opportunity to work with several employees from culturally diverse backgrounds and also from cultures of which I am not aware of. This I believe will be a great manner for enhancing the competence of cultures (Tomalin et al, 2013). Based upon the type of culture based experience that I am looking it, I will also consider volunteering within some institutes of religion or community services. I will also persuade my friends to do so along with me so that after the activity, we all can discuss our experiences comprehensively. It will further be essential for me to supplement the work and experience of volunteers by socially interacting with them (Tomalin et al, 2013). Rather than interacting solely with diverse group members looking for help, obtaining a complete picture through interaction with them as colleagues will be of much significance to me. Throughout such interactions, as per my course readings, I will have to ensure that I do not regard my language or my beliefs to be superior to others. Therefore, I will also try to learn more languages while following this action strategy.