Assignment First

本篇论文代写-政府丑闻讲了不同地理位置的人都希望相信政府。人民从根本上寻找的是透明和公正的权威机构(汤普森8)。管理机构还试图减轻人们对他们为人民工作的恐惧。在这些动态中,有一种舒适的关系在发展,人们希望他们的恐惧得到缓解,并感到他们的基本需求将被政府(Thompson 10)所满足。出现的问题是,在某些情况下,有一些行动者违背人民的根本公平(爱德华)。本篇论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

People in different geographical locations want to trust the government. The people are fundamentally looking for authoritative bodies that are transparent and fair (Thompson 8). The governing bodies also try to alleviate the fear of the people stating that they work for the people. In these dynamics, there is a cozy relationship that develops where the people hope that their fears are alleviated and feel that their basic needs would be met by the government (Thompson 10). The issue that arises is that in certain cases, there are some actors who work against the fundamental fairness of the people (Edward). A system is created where the actual actions of the people are nebulous. The governmental authorities use the people in order to make them succumb to their greed. There is a myth that the government creates to meet these demands of the people.

In this analysis, the case study of the Bell Scandal event will be used to probe into the notions of the myth of government.

About Bell Scandal

In the case of the Bell Scandal, secrecy, fear and intimidation was operating in the city halls of the southeast L.A. County operated. Politicians with unscrupulous intent had an advantage in this stem. The immigration fears of the people were used to intimidate the people. The immigrants do not have a legal status to vote in the nation and they use these tactics to control the people. The city hall members fear that the government will not reprieve their issues if they are take a stand. The larger percentage in the towns of Cudahy, Bell, Maywood, Huntington Park and South Gate was made of immigrants. The governmental authorities used their legal status to control the people. This led to a major scandal where the City Manager Robert Rizzo was allegedly paid $800,000 a year as salary compensation. Later it was revealed that he was paid more than 1.5 million in yearly remuneration (Vives). This was a very high remuneration for a city official. This was a scandalous event that brought to the foray the different issues that are encountered by the people on a daily basis. The scandal had impacted the growth of the cities and caused detriment to all the stakeholders in the process (Van Prooijen and van Lange 18). The actual betrayal by the government, use of techniques and the ways in which the people responded to these issues are detailed below.