Assignment First


汽車企業的供應鏈是一個復雜的、具有競爭力的供應鏈。汽車公司使用各種策略來獲得競爭優勢,例如通過操縱領導策略或產品差異化策略。無論汽車公司采取什麽策略,經銷商在供應鏈中都扮演著非常重要的角色。同時,由於經銷商處於供應鏈最關鍵和最末端的階段,不僅經銷商在供應鏈中的作用得到加強,而且經銷商也是供應鏈中最基本的問題。因為他是直接與客戶和其他經銷商打交道的人,而這些客戶和經銷商最終會成為這家汽車公司的客戶,所以他處理的問題也更多。(Kahveci & Nichols, 2006)。當一個人談到汽車經銷商時,它的意思是供應鏈的一部分,也就是經銷商以零售價格向任何來找他的人銷售任何類型的汽車,無論是新車還是舊車。經銷商通常以合同為基礎進行銷售,指的是他與制造商簽訂的合同以及為其子公司簽訂的合同。經銷商還雇傭各自公司的汽車銷售人員,以便銷售自己的汽車。許多經銷商在他們的銷售點為客戶提供了更多的選擇,可能包括汽車的維修,以及汽車零部件的維修和銷售(哈姆施密特,n.d.)。


現在經銷商必須遵守汽車公司的新技術,重點已從零售商轉移到品牌力和汽車使用的技術。經銷商隨著方式的變化,必須遵守公司的促銷規則,因為這些技術必須納入供應鏈的一部分。許多公司,比如寶馬和奧迪,都向經銷商傳達了一些特別的信息,他們對待客戶的方式,以及經銷商的形象。這就像一個額外的責任經銷商。此外,遵守指示也成為汽車公司經銷商的職責之一,不論他們所經營的是什麽品牌。(Castro-Lacouture, Irizarry and Ashuri, 2014)。


A supply chain of a car company is one of the complexes and competitive one. Various strategies are used by the car companies to get competitive advantages like either by the manipulation of the leadership strategies or by product differentiation strategies. Irrespective of whatever strategies have been taken up by the car company, the dealer has a very important role to play in the supply chain . And also since dealer falls in the most crucial and end stage of the supply chain, not only his role in the chain gets intensified but also he is the one who faces basic issues of the supply chain. Because he is the one who gets to deal directly with the customers and other outlet dealers who would by the end product of the car company, the problems he deals with are more in number, too. (Kahveci & Nichols, 2006). When one talks about car dealership, it means that part of supply chain which is spoken about, is where the dealer sells any kind of cars, whether new or old at retail prices to anyone who comes to him. The sales that dealers usually make are contract based, referring to the contracts that he would make with the makers and the contracts which would be made for its own subsidiaries. Dealers also employ automobile salespeople of the respective companies so that they can sell their vehicles. Many of the dealers have more options available for the customers at their outlets which might include maintenance of the cars and also their servicing and selling spare automobile parts (Hamschmidt, n.d.).
It should also be mentioned that car dealerships have changed over the period of time and that what one deals in now is the modern way of the dealers, who deal with the customers and other agents in a new way. Earlier the dealers used to have their outlets out of town or somewhere at the edge of town as this was a protocol of the supply chain. But with the changing times, the way the dealers deal with the customers have changed. Owing to the changes that the company has made keeping in made the various ways in which it can manipulate the supply chain for gaining competitive advantage is responsible for these changes. (Groza and Ragland, n.d.).
Now the dealers have to comply with the new techniques of the car companies where the focus has shifted from the retailers to the branding power and the technology used in the cars. The dealers along with the changing ways have to comply with the company rules of promotion, as these techniques have to be incorporated as a part of the supply chain. Many companies like BMW and Audi have specificities which have been conveyed to the dealers, and the way customers are supposed to be dealt with along with the look of the dealership outlet. This is like an added duty of the dealer. Furthermore, compliance of the instructions also becomes a part of the duty identity of the dealers of the car companies, irrespective of the brands that they are dealing with. (Castro-Lacouture, Irizarry and Ashuri, 2014).