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论文润色-Ethnographic design practice。作者认为有必要关注人类学的发展,特别是民族志的发展,以了解设计如何影响人,以及社会科学和设计研究之间的关系。作者用几个例子很好地说明了这一点。因此,可以说这篇文章已经能够解释民族志在批判设计实践中的重要性。

Tim Plowman has highlighted a deeper issue in design practice quite critically in the chapter named “Ethnography and Critical Design practice” in Design Research: Methods and Perspectives. The author has not only focused on simply explaining the right product to people, but has aimed at focusing on the deeper meaning. In this chapter, the author has tried to explain as to ‘from anthropology, how various ethnographic methods and practices have been extracted, not taking into consideration the social context to the side’. It has also been focused in the paper that an alternative ideology on which to craft design solutions more rather than the consumption model would be rendered by means of inclusion of social theory.
The practical application of the same can be seen in various kinds of solutions like Action method, which is a solution of task management, designed for the creative individuals. It is worth noticing that in the chapter, the author has focused on explaining his own personal views regarding the future association amongst the ethnographers and designers and how these two professions are inter-linked. While taking into consideration the association amongst the human happiness and products, there seems to be a lot more to explore other than the conventional scope of design. These are defined as the ecological and macroeconomic factors.Tim Plowman在《设计研究:方法与视角》的“人种志与批判设计实践”一章中,相当批判性地强调了设计实践中更深层次的问题。作者不仅致力于向人们简单地解释正确的产品,而且着眼于更深层的意义。在这一章中,作者试图解释“从人类学中,各种民族志方法和实践是如何被提取出来的,而没有考虑到侧面的社会语境”。本文还着重指出,通过社会理论的纳入,将呈现出一种以设计解决方案为主,而不是以消费模型为辅的思想体系。同样的实际应用可以在各种解决方案中看到,如Action method,这是一个任务管理的解决方案,是为有创造力的个人设计的。值得注意的是,在这一章中,作者着重阐述了自己对于未来民族志学者和设计师之间的联系以及这两种职业是如何相互联系的个人观点。当考虑到人类幸福和产品之间的联系时,除了传统的设计范围之外,似乎还有很多东西需要探索。这些被定义为生态和宏观经济因素。

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