Assignment First

本篇洛杉矶论文代写-无国界工程挑战讲了目前,瓦努阿图正在建造的建筑/住房的标准非常低。这个国家缺乏规章制度,允许公民随心所欲地建造房屋。由于国家处于贫困之中,缺乏资金,这些房屋的建造往往缺乏结构完整性。家庭必须收集他们能得到的任何建筑材料,并最大限度地利用他们所拥有的来建造一个家。一般的建筑知识是有限的,一旦发生自然灾害,一切都被摧毁了。本篇洛杉矶论文代写由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There are 3 focus points of the Engineering without Borders challenge for 2017, these focus points assist in improving the lifestyle of the people of East Santo, Vanuatu. The 3 aspects of this year’s challenge relate to:

Efficiency and ease of copra production

Mitigation of climate change impacts on farming

Increase disaster resilience of structures using local materials

This report thoroughly discusses the solution to design project 5.1 – ‘Increase disaster resilience of structures using local materials’.

Currently, structures/homes in Vanuatu that are being built are built to very poor standards. The lack of regulations in the country allows citizens to build their homes however they please. Due to the lack of funding due to the country being in poverty, these homes are often built with minimal structural integrity. Families must gather whatever building materials they can get, and make the most out of what they have to build a home with. General construction knowledge is limited and once a natural disaster hits, everything is destroyed.

The people of Vanuatu must have somewhere they can go in these events for protection. This structure must be able to survive a natural disaster without question and be able to be constructed within a reasonable budget, as such that it is actually affordable. To achieve this, local materials need to be implemented wherever possible to minimise the quantity needing to be purchased and not locally sourced. Purchasing items drive up costs substantially, in which is not affordable for the people of East Santo. Local materials that can be used in construction are Namamao Trees, Bamboo, Corregated Iron, Vines and Ropes, and Clay. These, mixed with some purchased materials from Luganville, make our design possible.

Our design consists of being below ground, with only the roof exposed. The roof being exposed is far cheaper than being completely underground, and with this design, does not compromise safety. This will be a large community shelter where the people of East Santo can gather until the weather passes, as their individual homes will likely be destroyed due to their low build quality. There were many factors dictating the solution, and this design satisfied them all in the most effective way.