MBA论文代写 市场需求


a) Opportunities: Flourishing Japanese economy and a ‘willing’ Government that supports industrial growth are its odds in favour. For Elecdyne to reach out for whooping profits, it has to go for internationalisation to attract investments. And companies would be surely attracted by the opportunities that are found in Japan. Be it infrastructure or trade relaxations, companies opting to collaborate with Elecdyne can be benefitted in terms of business.
b) Threats: Neighbouring economies (Like China) and other ‘lands of opportunities’ United Kingdom, United States of America, Hungary etc are the biggest threats that Elecdyne faces outside. In the native soil, electronic giants like Sony can potentially affect its sales and is a nasty threat that Elecdyne has to keep in mind. Ensuring product quality, services and of course, technological up gradation has to be given prime importance with due consideration to marketing strategies to promote brand-name.
Nevertheless, the company has more odds in favour than against. Per se, if it can build for itself a ‘state-of-the-art’ R&D department, employ top scientists and technical officers, can avail favourable administrative guidance from the public officials (i.e. the government), every aspect that has a negative implication on its growth would be superimposed by positive returns (Bubb and Earley, 2007). It has to keep up with the market demands at every step, where user needs have to be given importance above everything else. Exploiting the Government policies would return results only when they are being exploited in the proper direction (Birnberg, 2008). A company should run on the very basic interest of earning profit and generating handsome revenues. This instils cut-throat killer instincts that automatically induce the company to adopt measures to attract foreign investments. Publicising the pluses and overcoming the negatives would work in that very direction.