Assignment First






Once the resource requirement is listed by the stakeholders of the DX Company, they have to map this activity plan to assess the allocated resources over the duration of the project In DX Company if a member of the project team is allocated to an activity, the activity is excepted to start and finish by the scheduled time and the team member becomes unavailable for other activities.

A Gannt chart of the DX Company is depicted as a bar chart in graph , it helps to schedule the activities involved in a project, like the designing a module displayed against 17 weeks. Each stakeholder of the DX Company is allocated to any one of the task. If the stakeholder has completed the particular only he is allocated to another task.

The Business Analyst and the Technical Architecture of the DX Company for a time of 7 Weeks decide with other stake holders, those involved in the decision making process of the DX Company on the specification of the overall system for the project work that is what the system has to do, is it within the budget of the DX Company. From the 8th week to 12th   week the different named modules Module A, Module B, Module C and Module D are detailed has of what functions should they perform and who are the team members to be allocated for each of the modules. The important activities in the modules are prioritized by the Business Analyst and each of the team members of DX Company is allocated with the task they have to perform. The Business Analyst or the Technical Architecture of the DX Company checks the specification of the system on the 12th week that if the activities are allocated to all the members in the company is there in clash of activities.