Assignment First



The process of sharing of knowledge happens when employees share implicit knowledge among themselves. Multinational corporations persuade their employees to imbibe such a culture through exchange of important information and the right to use their intellectual capital. For example, it would not be wrong to mention here that organizations such as Lotus development and another named Buckman Laboratories executed a rewards system in order to enhance knowledge sharing among their employees which consisted of rewarding their 100 top knowledge sharing employees a conference annually at a resort or contributing 25% of the organization’s total performance assessment on their activities particularly planned for knowledge sharing.
With the help of knowledge sharing cultures in an organization the individual knowledge is transformed in the organization’s knowledge and hence, promotes innovation and maintains competitive advantage. Furthermore, with the enhanced fear of competitions the organizations which keep abreast with the knowledge sharing are able to keep up with their competitors. Therefore, the knowledge sharing concept is beneficial for the organization and in achieving its objectives.
The theory of social learning suggested that the individual interaction with others through cognitive factors, factors assessing behaviour and environmental factors all help in individual learning and knowledge creation (Kaplan, Andreas, and Haenlein, 2010). For instance, Cisco employed some social multimedia aids like “wiki-like” which was used to share teamwork, Cisco Tele Presence, and Cisco Directory which allowed experience of sharing or individual benefits. Social multimedia tools helps in sharing of knowledge in organizations and it also helps in effortless and smooth interaction among people.
People coming together though electronically come together as a team and with a common purpose. Therefore, social multimedia aids in making teams in an organization as without it there will be gaps among employees due to space restrictions. This helps in team learning, knowledge sharing and allows deep thinking on complex issues and concerns and serve as a great source of communication in the multinational corporations.