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道森牛仔制造的牛仔裤,就像50年代末和60年代中期的裤子一样。类似于厨师的衣服和麻袋,他们用来做,牛仔裤是由粗边牛仔布。每一条牛仔裤都是在英国布莱顿的道森牛仔工作室生产的。他们使用Union Specials和Reece 101等老式缝纫机,让每一件衣服都魅力十足,花样繁多。

Denim的联合创始人凯利·道森(Kelly Dawson)分享了她的观点,她说,他们从围裙的制作开始,最终计划利用其他的面料来制作完美的围裙,这在市场上是不容易买到的。

到20世纪50年代中期,李维斯在年轻人中已经很有名了。慢慢地,Levis逐渐变成了一个高中叛逆的形象。此外,牛仔裤已经成为电视和电影中的时尚符号,许多高级成员也开始穿这种风格的图标。1957年,牛仔裤在世界各地的销量达到了1.5亿套。美国有些学校禁止学生在学习期间穿牛仔布。当詹姆斯·迪恩(James Dean)、猫王埃尔维斯·普雷斯利(Elvis Presley)和马龙·白兰度(Marlon Brando

在20世纪50年代,牛仔裤与摇滚乐联系在一起,并开始影响音乐。马龙·白兰度(Marlon Brando)的作品集发布了,当时他被认为是银幕偶像。20世纪50年代,当他穿着裤子的照片开始在网上流传时,年轻人都很兴奋,没有人会停止穿牛仔裤。20世纪60年代以后,牛仔品牌随处可见。无论是旧牛仔裤还是新牛仔裤,它们在西方各地都很流行。最后,裤子和牛仔裤的历史写于20世纪50年代,当时艺术家们开始在电影中穿裤子。那时的年轻人把这种时尚作为一种爱好是不会停止的。他们根据自己的服装推出了不同寻常的风格,新的图案和形状开始出现(Noble, Strauss, &Osheim, 2010)。



Dawson Denim made jeans which are created like pants of the late 1950s and the mid-1960s. Similar to the cook’s garments and sacks which they use to make, the jean is made of crude selvedge denim. Every jean is produced in Dawson Denim’s workshop in Brighton in UK. They utilize vintage sewing machines like Union Specials and a Reece 101, which makes every article of clothing enchanting and diverse from one pattern to another.
The Co-founder of Denim Kelly Dawson shared her views that they initiated their business from aprons making and finally they planned to make use of other pieces too for making a perfect fit, which was not readily available in the market.

Levi’s got to be well-known with youngsters by the mid of 1950’s. Slowly and gradually, Levis turned into an image of high school rebels. Moreover, jeans were becoming a fashion symbol in TV and films, and many senior members also started wearing this style icon. In the year 1957, a massive sale of jeans was recorded from all over the world which was up to 150 million sets. There were some schools in USA which banned students from wearing Denim while under studies. Again there was a hype created when pop and film stars like James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando started wearing them, which further made them attracted internationally.
Further in 1950’s, jeans were connected to rock and roll and it started to influence music. A portfolio of Marlon Brando was launched who was considered the screen icon at that time. And when his pictures in pants started floating in the 1950s, there was excitement amongst youngsters and there was no stopping to Jeans. Afterwards in 1960s, there were jean brands everywhere. They were worn all around west whether it was old or new jeans. Finally, the history of pants and jeans was written in 1950s when artists started wearing them in motion pictures. Now there was no stopping to youngsters of that time who adopted this fashion as hobby. They introduced extraordinarily styles based on their outfits, and new patterns and shapes started coming in (Noble, Strauss, &Osheim, 2010).
The professionals told retailers that “fashion” are an international phenomenon. No country can exist without the influence of other countries’ trend. So after massive trend of jeans in US, soviet also started manufacturing it.