Assignment First







In consideration with the above stated issues, it can be stated that all the problems that took place were due to invalid assumptions and lack of research being done by both the parties. The team of the United States should have done consistent research about the culture of China (Ailon, 2008). Moreover, the most important thing that should have been done by the team was to hire their translator. In the duration of the meeting, all of the members of the team had been highly uncomfortable as they did not know Chinese language and hesitated to trust the translator provided by the team of China.

Considering the case of the team of China, they should have consistently clarified their motive for organizing the meeting. The team of the United States had been confused as the main motive of the meeting had not been explained (Bing, 2004). When the event was held, the team of China should have explained their gesture of doing so.

Even though the team of United States was aware of the fact that they will have to keep visiting China multiple times, the team should now start to prepare for the meeting in the context of business as well as personal understanding.

As per the model of Hofstede stated above, it can be concluded that the culture of all organizations are known to be single, monopolistic and uniform (Fischer, 2009). However, the fact cannot be denied that in the current era of globalization, different nations perform business activities. As in the case provided, China and the U.S. were taking a step ahead to perform business activities.