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美国大学申请essay-Apple culture。苹果公司成立于1976年,在成为领先的信息技术公司的道路上走了很长一段路。本研究的主要目的是关注苹果公司所拥有的关键资源,从而使其成为行业的独特领导者。本文还分析了蒂姆·库克和史蒂夫·乔布斯的领导风格,重点分析了组织的一般策略和能力。本研究还试图发现组织的文化,并根据上述讨论得出结论。





人们注意到,苹果从一开始就拥有最好的领导力。从史蒂夫·乔布斯到库克团队,苹果是由专业领导者驱动的(Proctor and Bicknell, 2012)。领导者不致力于维护组织结构,他们决定任何组织流程的未来愿景和预测。领导者总是参与创造性和以工作为导向的文化。




美国大学申请essay-Apple culture。Founded in the year 1976, Apple has come a long way to become a leading information technology company. The main objective of this research is to focus on the key resources at the disposal of Apple which make it a distinctive leader of the industry. The paper also analyzes the leadership styles of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs and focuses on the generic strategies and the competencies of the organization. The research also makes an attempt at discovering the culture of the organization and makes a conclusion in the light of the above mentioned discussions.
Personal culture is the main component of Apple Inc like any other organizations, as it only defines how the employee will maintain the company rules and utilize the power of designation. It also includes the skill set of employees. As per Mullin personal culture has also been controlled by few wings:
Individualism: At apple inc, employees are highly responsible related to their jobs
Power Activities: Though up to a certain limit Apple is driven by the board members decisions but employees are always connected to it. They never felt like they are carrying the decisions of superior being subordinates.
Neutral Gender biasness: Apple Inc does believe that women have the same capabilities and skill set to contribute in their organizations.
It is noticed that Apple has always got best leadership qualities from the beginning of its journey. From Steve Jobs to Team Cook, Apple was driven by expertise leaders (Proctor and Bicknell, 2012). Leaders are not any committed to maintain organizational structure, they decide the future vision and prediction of any organization flows. Leaders are always involved in creative and job oriented culture.
It is called that Apple employees are overpaid, but the actual scenario is that Apple justifies the work done of any employees. Through a program named Apple fellow program, Apple choose the best performer. Bonus and benefits varies department to department as per their job profile. Employees are also rewarded by the high valued product of Apple. Employee satisfaction is considered as a key element of Apple’s growth.
Job securities: The employees of Apple get secured in terms of job issues if they perform their duties. Apple also ensures the career growth of its employees.
These are the cultures of Apple Inc what play a vital role for organizational growth. Not only company rules and regulation but also the employee satisfaction and involvement of leaders keep importance to it.