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Animal testing may be determined to be the method which includes the use of animals for the purpose of experimentation. It helps to establish the control on certain variables which may have an impact on the biological systems studied. Animal testing methods have been used for different kinds of methods such as testing, breeding, toxicology and cosmetic testing. The practice which is related to the animal testing may be differently related in different nations in the world. The animals which are mostly used for the purpose of animal testing include the mice, rats, fishes, amphibians and reptiles. In present times, a large number of animals are being used for the purpose of research. It has been observed that in USA itself the number of animals which are used for testing is over 1 billion. The procedure of animal testing has been viewed differently by different people, societies and organizations.
The topic which is related to animal testing has a number of controversies attached around it. It is something which has been vastly discussed and argued up. Many people in the world have an argument that they have to rely on the use of animals for the purpose of testing. The opponents of the animal testing give the opinion that the use of animals in this manner is something which is cruel, poor practice and is not regulated well.
Because of these measures, the animal testing companies are forced to change their decisions and look considerably for other options. Because of the above mentioned, social, ethical and political issues the companies are trying to develop more and more safety testing techniques. These companies are in the fear that they may be caught anytime by any of the agencies working against animal testing and implement fairways for the same. In addition to this, there companies are making efforts and moving at a fast pace to help in yielding the effective medical and cosmetic testing technologies which will make sure that the animals need not to suffer anymore. The very first initiative for the same had been done in the year 2007, when the National Research Council situated in United Stated expressed the need for the creation of the new methodologies related to the animal testing by creation of better technologies. One of the recent investigations has been done by the Hurel corporations which have helped in creation of the miniature function which is related to the design of the 3D liver cultures which may be permitting the scientists to do the study related to metabolize liver cells. In addition to this, the Wyss Institute in Cambridge is also trying out ways to ensure the replacement of the chemical and drug testing methods on the animals. In addition to this, there has been another company CeeTox Inc. who has combined the tests to be done on the animals with a number of computer based programs. These are the programs which may help in the prediction of the impact of a specific drug on the animals by prediction of their skin allergy, acute systemic toxicity and also the endocrine activities.