Assignment First



促销定价策略:为了增加公司的消费者流量,有人建议酒店降低目标人群的房间价格(Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015)。这将增加进入公司的消费者流量。自从年轻的家庭人口统计已经成为目标。年轻的家庭可以享受高达25%的折扣

网络推广和活动广告:公司应该更多地关注网络广告活动。投资关键词,谷歌广告词,重组公司网站(Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015)。与不同的社交媒体渠道互动,创建社交媒体和数字营销活动。利用博弈论,通过网络上的转轮类游戏,确保人们得到特定的折扣。这将增加客户进入网站的在线流量。

服务交付物的变更:重要的是要记住和了解受众。服务和关键可交付成果应围绕这一议程进行调整。在儿童餐中加入更多的食物,包括孩子们喜欢的食物。为了增加年轻夫妇,应该有更多的家庭友好活动。家庭应该有公共空间,应该有儿童友好的游戏区(Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015)。为孩子们保留一个单独的休息室。应该在设备和设施方面作出更多的改变,以取代家庭的需要。


公司应该采用持续的过程开发来带来变革(Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015)。



The proposed growth strategic plan and action plan for the company have been proposed in the following
Promotional Pricing strategy: To increase the consumer traffic of the company it has been proposed that the hotel reduces the prices of the room for the target demography (Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015). This would increase the consumer traffic into the company. Since the young family demography has been targeted. Young families are given discount by up to 25%
Online promotions and campaign ads: The company should focus more on the online ad campaign. Invest in key word, google ad words, restructure the company online website (Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015).. Interact with the different social media channels and create a social media and digital marketing campaign. Utilize game theory and ensure that the people are given specific discounts by online spin the wheel kind of games. This would increase the customer online traffic into the website.
Changes in the service deliverables: It is important to remember and know the audience. Services and key deliverables should be cantered around this agenda. Include many more food items into the children meal and include the food items that are liked by the children. To increase the young couples, there should be more family friendly activities. There should be common spaces for the families and there should be child friendly game areas (Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015).. Maintain a separate lounge for the kids. There should be more changes in the equipment and the facilities in lieu of the family needs.
Feedback: Collect feedback from the customer who visit the place. There should be more portals for the consumers to voice views about the services.
Continual process development should be adopted by the company to bring in change (Mohsin, Ramli, and Alkhulayfi, 2015)..
These are the proposed five year growth strategy proposed for the hotel.