Assignment First



首先,政府应该为企业提供资金、立法和技术支持,让人们采用新技术(Manditereza, and Bansal, 2016)。这些规定应该鼓励个别公司在可再生资源方面加大投资。

从藻类中提取甘油已被发现是在环境中生产生物燃料的相关方法之一。人们发现,由于这一点,将对社区产生积极的影响。除此之外,它们还有助于维持水生生态系统。它们丰富了河流和海洋的土壤,为鱼类提供营养(Ruijven et al., 2015)。

基于流量的电池被证明是机械和资源利用的可行替代品(Manditereza和Bansal, 2016)。因此,目前正在开发一些较新的革新,以满足这一目标。

It has been found that there are a number of ways in which energy can be harnessed from the natural resources. There are a number of mediums that can be used to increase the production of renewable resources (Sawin., 2015). Some of the most promising steps in harnessing energy from alternative fuels have been explored in the following.
Primarily, government should provide the companies with financial, legislative and technological support for people to adopt the newer technologies (Manditereza, and Bansal, 2016). These mandates should encourage the individual companies to invest more in renewable resources.
Usage of Algae glycerol from algae has been found to be one of the relevant ways in which biofuels can be produced in the environment. It has been found that owing to this there will positive effects to the communities. Apart from this, they also help maintain the aquatic ecosystems. They enrich the soil beds of the rivers and seas causing nourishment for the fishes (Ruijven et al., 2015).
Flow based batteries are proving to be viable alternative for the utilization of machinery and resources (Manditereza, and Bansal, 2016). Owing to this, a number of newer innovations are currently being developed to cater to this cause.


压缩空气动力已被证明是汽车在社区运行的另一种可行的方式。目前,它们正在法国等国家进行小规模开发(Ruijven et al., 2015)。这将有助于减少传统化石燃料的使用。

在当今时代,混合动力汽车越来越受到重视。在这个过程中,为汽车供电的技术得到了发展。从长远来看,它们对公司和环境都是有益的。这些混合电卡被发现是为发达国家的商业规模生产的(Ruijven et al., 2015)。使用这类车辆满足需求的人数正在缓慢增加。


Compressed air power has been proven to anther viable way in which the automobile can be run in the communities. They are currently being developed in a small scale in countries such as France (Ruijven et al., 2015). This will aid towards reduction in the usage of conventional fossil fuels.
Hybrid electric vehicle has been gaining prominence in current times. In this, the technology of issuing electricity to run cars has been developed. They are found to be beneficial for the companies and the environment in the long run. These Hybrid electric cards are found to be produced in the commercial scale for the developed countries (Ruijven et al., 2015). There is a slow rise in the number of people using these kinds of vehicles for their requirements.
These are some of the proposals that can be followed to increase the levels of usage of alternative energy fuels. Apart from this, there can be a number of innovative efforts that can be taken to ensure that there is more ways of harnessing alternative energies.