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全球化是一个过程,在这个过程中,每个企业都需要在其运作方式上做出必要的改变,以更好地应对各种情况。可见,由于缺乏适当的规划和策略来管理组织的运作,较大的组织也未能适应这一变化。由于缺乏适当的领导才能,这些公司无法在市场上生存。领导策略对于制定和管理企业战略,使组织能够面对诸如员工选择、道德问题、培训和发展计划、不同国家的文化等问题是非常重要的(Cameron, 2012)。









Globalisation is a process in which every business need to make necessary changes in the manner it operates so as to cope with the situations in a better manner. It is seen that the bigger organisations too fail to adapt to the change due to the lack of the proper planning and strategies for the management of the operations of the organisation. Due to the lack of proper leadership skills, the companies fail to survive in the market. Leadership strategies are important to develop and manage the business strategies and to make the organisation capable of facing the problems like selection of employees, ethical problems, training and development programs, culture of different countries, etc (Cameron, 2012).
Lion Beer, Spirits & Wine New can face various issues which can affect the operations of business. These issues are discussed below:
Differences in culture: due to the differences in the culture the manner of operations of the businesses also get affected. The values, norms, religion, education pattern, languages used and social structure of the society also affects the operations of business at international level. Strategies or policies used by the organisations can affect the society.


Lack of proper communication: communication proper occurs due to differences in the languages used in the country. In India variety of languages are used by the people of different religions and community.
Ethical issues: ethics can be understood as the right or wrong. Ethical issues arise due to the occurrence of dilemmas in front of the business. These ethical issues can include employment practices, human rights, environmental pollution, moral duties or obligations of the organisations operating at international level and corruption.
Legal issues: different countries have different rules and regulations and this legal framework of the country affects the business. The laws related to employees, environment and for operating businesses are different in different countries.
Management of human resource: operating business at international level includes dealing with the large number of employees. And for this strategies need to be adopted for guiding and communicating.