Assignment First


The e-commerce is gradually getting the momentum within the China. The focus of the corporates on the e-commerce and support from the government has led to the considerable development of e-commerce in China. The e-commerce across China is growing as the number of internet users grow. It is identified that not only business to business (B2B) but also the business to customers (B2C) models are flourishing and becoming prominent across the market. Therefore, the focus of this research paper is to explore the e-commerce development in China. There are a number of e-commerce platforms, search engines, e-commerce applications and websites that selecting one of the most popular app utilized in China is critical. WeChat is the most popular app across China presently due to which this app will be analyzed and discussed (Crouch). The economic market of China has encountered rapid growth and trend setting environment. The WeChat gained the increased amount of attention as the people realized that this application not only facilitates the messaging similar to the many other apps but also it developed a platform where online shopping can be conducted. This resulted in WeChat to become a social media disrupter (Lien et al. 104-111). This research paper will use the reliable and credible e-books, database and journal articles among more. It is to consider that the e-commerce is still in the initial phases across China even through there has been substantial development. The manner in which WeChat app has made developments will be critical to understand for the purpose of understanding of overall development of e-commerce in China. Since the organizations have started to follow the strategies of WeChat, investigating this organization will provide with the maximum insight (Morketing). The research thesis statement is that the e-commerce of China has considerably developed as WeChat has revolutionized e-commerce and shaped the future direction for the business model modifications based on the WeChat.


WeChat’s Chinese translation literally suggests micro messaging. This social media application was developed by Tencent. The application provides with commerce, instant messaging and payment services. The application was initially released in 2011 but it has been found through the review of the yearly report articulated by Tencent that this application has become one of the prominent standalone messaging and e-commerce application in terms of the monthly active users (Xu et al. 21-30). This application was developed as a project at the Tencent center in 2010. This was made possible as the government of China has demonstrated active and strong support towards the e-commerce market’s development across China. The five year plans developed by the Chinese government entails the e-commerce development for the nation.