Assignment First


神经质:在这种类型的人格特质中,个体通常在他们的环境中感受到负面情绪,主要是由于失败、抑郁和焦虑。维克拉姆·维吉(Vikram Vij)从主教餐厅的一名厨师到拥有两家餐厅,在他的整个职业生涯中从未拥有过神经质的性格特征。

自觉性:一个人的这种性格特征表现出自律的标志,目的是在任何特定的情况下取得更多的成就并尽职尽责(the Globe and Mail, 2014)。拥有这些特质的人通常在本质上更受控制,指导和规范自己的哲学。就维克拉姆·维吉而言,责任心在维持他的生活原则方面发挥了重要作用。维克拉姆·维吉(Vikram Vij)一向遵循人道主义原则,为年轻厨师提供机会。



根据性格特点,维克拉姆·维吉为人诚实、善良、乐于助人。维克拉姆•维吉(Vikram Vij)相信,通过帮助世界各地的年轻厨师掌握良好的烹饪技巧和指导,为他们提供平等的机会。在我看来,我真的很想和维克拉姆·维吉一起工作,因为他对世界各地年轻而有抱负的厨师很有帮助。他天性开朗,从不羞于帮助任何向他寻求建议的人。




Neuroticism: In this type of personality trait, individuals usually feel negative emotions in their surroundings mainly due to failure, depression, and anxiety. Vikram Vij, in his whole journey from being a chef at one of the Bishop’s restaurant to become the owner of 2 restaurants has never possessed the personality trait of neuroticism.

Conscientiousness: This personality trait in an individual shows the symbols of self-discipline, with an aim to achieve more and act dutifully in any given situations (The Globe and Mail, 2014). People who possess these traits are generally more controlled in nature, direct and regulate their own philosophies. In the case of Vikram Vij, the conscientiousness trait has played a major role in maintaining the principles of his life. Vikram Vij is always known to follow the principle of humanity by providing opportunities to young chefs.

Agreeableness: This personality trait of agreeableness shows that how an individual is more concerned towards the development of social harmony. People who fall under this trait of personality often get along with other people very quickly as they possess many special qualities such as kindness, politeness, generous, trustworthy and helpful.
In the case of Vikram Vij, the level of agreeableness seems to be high as Vikram Vij is always ready to share his personal experience with his fans by sharing some cooking techniques and recipes for them to enjoy at home (The Huffington Post, 2016).

According to the personality traits, it can be observed that Vikram Vij is honest, kind and helpful in nature. Vikram Vij believes in providing equal opportunity to young chefs around the world by helping them in good culinary tips and guidance. According to me, I would really like to work along with Vikram Vij, as he is helpful to the young and aspiring chefs around the world. He is very cheerful in nature as he never feels ashamed to help anyone who comes to him for tips and advice.


As Vikram Vij has struggled in his initial days in Canada, he is better to help me in my struggle days. If I get an opportunity to work with the famous chef Vikram Vij, the personality traits of openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness and extraversion can help me to develop myself to become a person like Vikram Vij himself. However, if I am too much dependent on Vikram Vij, I might feel the pressure to perform individually. The personal philosophy of Vikram Vij is believed in one’s own hard works and dreams. No one should rely too much on other individuals to fulfill their personal goals and objectives. The philosophy can be very well adapted in any other industries apart from culinary industry, as the philosophy of Vikram Vij conveys a simple message for struggling entrepreneurs around the world to follow their mission and vision at every stage of their life.