Assignment First


重要的是要适当考虑那些不影响适用于投资的贴现率的因素,但它也以类似的方式对收入成本的时间产生影响。其中包括税收和补贴。有人认为,市场补贴的缺乏和政府的激励措施导致了英国工业的发展受阻。提现率为100%会对现金流量产生不利影响。这导致了现金流量的增加,降低了高资本成本的抑制作用。此外,人们假定,大多数创新需要确保在国内市场取得越来越多的成功,而不是影响国际市场。由于国内市场的规模,可能会对产品开发决策产生影响。由于资源的丰富,其他公司的工程师越来越多,其他国家的技术水平也越来越高(Klinger et al ., 2012)。


股东之间公开财务信息的增加:当对公司业绩的相关信息不了解时,公司将根据公司的长期业绩做出反应。在这种情况下,他们的答复将以当前利润、宣布股息和每股收益为基础(董事会,1990年)。然而,由于公开信息的增加,股东对公司业绩的短期反应。同样重要的是股息率的变化。由于股息率的增加,回报率会降低。因此,股票市场价格的一个接一个的下跌增加了红利,这就导致了员工的短期主义的增加。在有效市场的情况下,公司的股价给出了与相关信息相关的想法(Smith, 2014)。有关市场效率的主张完全是技术性的。它是在现有信息的基础上使用的(Goodman et al ., 2013)。根据产品创新的活动和目标有很多,如市场调研、培训、采购过程中的资金投入、应对一些难题、创造越来越多的分销渠道等。伦敦股票市场上可获得的信息量一般受公司反应和前景的限制。大量的投资分析师等基金经理缺乏与公司技术相关的基础知识。在电子公司的案例中观察到这一点,其中观察到在24名电子分析人员中只有8名具有适当理解的资格(Bell et al ., 1997)。


It is important to have the due consideration of the factors which do not affect the rate of discount applied to the investment, but it acts in a similar manner by having an impact on the timing of the cost of revenues. One of these includes the taxes and subsidies. It has been argued that the lack of the subsidies in the market and the incentives of the government have led to the hindrance in British industry. The withdrawal of the rate of allowance by 100 percent can have an adverse impact on cash flow. This leads to the increase in the cash flow and decrease in the inhibiting effects of the high capital cost. Also, it is assumed that most of the innovations need to ensure more and more success in home markets rather than affecting the international markets. Because of the size of home market, there can be an impact on the product development decisions. Because of the abundance, more and more engineers in other companies, and the technical competence in other nations have been much higher (Klinger et al, 2012).
One of the most important reasons for the increase in the short term pressures in the companies is because of the large number of shareholders. These shareholders are mostly concerned about their own short term profits. There has been an argument that the objectives of majority of the fund managers is related to short term, as they operate under such conditions where there is a short term pressures on them. This is because of the quarterly performance measurement of the measurement. It has been observed that the performance reward which the managers get is on the basis of their short term goals. Thus, the relationship between the shareholders and the management is important for the increase in short term pressures in UK.
Increase in the published financial information among the shareholders: When there will be no understanding of the relevant information on the performance of the companies, the response of the companies will be done on the basis of the long term performances of the companies. In such a condition, their responses will be on the basis of the current profit, announcement of the dividend, and the earnings per share (Board, 1990). However, because of the increase in the published information, the shareholders respond on the performance of the companies in the short term. One of the important things in the same is the variation in the rate of dividend. Because of the increase in the rate of dividend, there would be reduction in the rate of return. Thus, one for one reduction in the prices of shares in the market increases the dividend, which leads to the increase in short termism for the employees. In the case of an efficient market, the share price of the companies gives the idea related to the relevant information (Smith, 2014). The claims related to market efficiency is completely technical. It has been in use on the basis of the information which is available (Goodman et al, 2013). There are a number of activities and objectives which are according to the product innovation such as the market research, training, purchasing process of the capital investment, coping up with a number of troubles, creating more and more distribution channels. The amount of information which is available in the Stock market of London is generally limited with response of the company and its prospects. A large number of investment analysts and other fund managers lack the basic knowledge related to the technology of the company. This has been observed in the case of an electronic company in which it was observed that only 8 of the total 24 electronic analysts had the qualification for the proper understanding (Bell et al, 1997).