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本篇美国代写-惠普公司的战略决策讲了任何公司在其成功决策中最重要的方面是战略规划。惠普利用从使命和愿景声明中产生的目标来决定可以应用于立即行动的战术和战略(卡朋特和桑德斯,2006)。目标一般在利润目标和市场份额、品牌形象和客户满意度之间。从使命和愿景出发,确定目标和相应的战略。最后,这些策略在工作场所通过可操作的步骤或包含第三方来培训个人。本篇美国代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Association with the organizational strategy

The most important aspect of any company in its successful decision is the strategic planning. HP has utilized the objectives that are generated from mission and vision statements to decide on the tactics and strategies that can be applied for immediate action (Carpenters and Sanders, 2006). Objectives generally range between profit goals and market shares and brand image and customer satisfaction. From the mission and vision, the objectives are identified and strategies are decided accordingly. Finally, the strategies are implemented in the workplace by means of actionable steps or inclusion of third party to train the individuals.

Role of mission and vision in POLC framework

POLC framework is commonly deployed by the strategic team or the top management of any company in shaping the firm based on the objectives. POLC is detailed as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. As the order goes, the planning process is the first step of all. HP lists vision and mission as the first step in planning. The next step of organizing includes design of organization, culture and the social networks.

As HP’s mission statement indicates, it shows a lot of confidence in deployment. As a result, the organization design is centralized in the middle and lower levels of management. The leadership culture is also decided accordingly. There are several forms of leadership where authoritarian applies only to the top management. The other levels of management will have compassionate leadership styles (Carpenter and Sanders, 2006). As the vision states the interest for HP to exist everywhere, it is essential for the usage of social network within the company. Hence, the organizing process focuses on a high degree of networking so the communication regarding the technologies is well conveyed to the end customers or the stakeholders.