Assignment First

本篇美国代写论文-服务公司审计营销讲了现在,在水瓶座健康和Medispa的情况下,尽管水疗和治疗的某些方面是可以触摸的,服务本身仍然是一个无形的元素。根据服务的经典定义,服务是不可分割的(Davis et al., 1979)。面向客户端的个人服务和广告服务都是在同一时间创建的,通常是立即使用的。这使得消费者更加了解服务的差异,以及服务的可持续性问题。本篇美国代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The process of service delivery and the service itself are connected. This is because service as a product is intangible. Intangibility is a strong element associated with a service (Pleger 2000). It means a service cannot be touched, and it cannot be sensed and can only be availed off. Service is hence an abstract phenomenon (Chand, 2017). Now in the case of the Aquarius Health and Medispa, although some aspects of the spa and treatment are such that they can be touched, the service itself remains as an intangible element. As accordance with the classical definition of service, the service is inseparable (Davis et al., 1979). Personal services to the client and the advertised services are both created in the same time and are usually consumed immediately. This makes the consumer more aware of service discrepancies, and also the sustainability issues in service.

Physical Facilities

Physical facilities need and more are to be assessed. It can at best be assessed by means of some service satisfaction surveys, or by interacting with the customers or employees etc. The service quality is more about satisfaction, enjoyment of a service, emotional connect with the place where the service was delivered, the agreeableness with the price of the service etc. In the case of the Medispa, service characteristics are usually measured by means of some informal feedback system.

Macro-environmental Analysis

The PESTLE Analysis with the service marketing mix analysis will help understand the strengths and opportunities for Medispa to sustain in its current competitive environment.