Assignment First

所进行的研究工作和研究都集中在一个特定的研究问题上。问题在于识别员工激励对企业组织绩效的影响。一个新的研究课题已经制定出来了。这将取决于确定在组织环境中积极激励员工的因素。在研究问题的范围内,确定动机如何帮助激励员工在几个公司的不同环境中表现出色。有几家公司不承认他们的员工,这导致经营公司面临的问题。为了避免这些问题,研究问题被提出(Adeyamo, 2001)。这个问题是一个综合性的问题,因为它可以进一步导致其他问题出现在组织中,如经营失败或营销管理失误。这是因为归根结底是员工在为公司效力,让他们保持动力至关重要。本篇美国代写论文-员工激励对企业组织绩效的影响分析如下:

The research rationale is a significant one with regard to this research. The rationale lies in providing proof over significant contribution that employees as human resources make for growth and profit making ability of a firm. This further leads towards fortifying the employee motivation requirement for increasing the efficiency of organization. The study is beneficial in the sense that it allows future and current organizations with a pathway of motivating their employees who might not be motivated to the best of their abilities. This will result in fortifying the employee motivation requirement (Ajila, 2009). The research can be utilized by organizations trying to implement policies for motivating employees as presently, and motivation of employees is not regarded as essential for efficient operations in an organization. Further, research will offer support to fellow researchers and peer groups who have a focus to work over analysing the influence of employee motivation within the enhanced efficiency and performance related concerns (Akerele, 2011). The organization performance and motivation of employees have been in intensive research focus since recent times. How properly a company motivates its employees is dependent upon their approach towards motivation. When this motivational approach is not undertaken appropriately, then it only leads towards several issues to come forward. With these issues come forward, the need to find good tools can help in motivating employees and ensuring that the approach outlook is not side-lined (Assam, 2012). There is proper investigation into the field of study that helps in reaching a consensus.
Research Aim and Objectives
This section will provide the key aims and objectives deciphered from this research paper.
The key objective for this research lies in identifying several factors which positively influence motivation of employees and motivate them to enhance their efficiency of performance within the UK banking sector (Annamalai et al, 2010). This efficiency can influence growth and development of firms.
The second crucial objective lies in evaluating specific tools which can be used to measure motivation based perception carried by employees in any firm. This will allow to form a link between motivation of employees and performance. For the project work, techniques of qualitative and quantitative nature will be utilized for conducting the study (Aydin et al, 2009). Statistical based tools will be utilized. The aspect of qualitative nature will include utilization of discussions as well as theories for elucidating the topic of research. For arriving at the desired result, the process to collect data will make use of primary and secondary techniques evaluation for objectives achievement.
Another objective lies in examining the influence of motivation of employee’s over performance of an organization
Another objective lies in determining the challenges of motivating employees.