Assignment First


这些发现清楚地表明无麦胶蛋白产品的现成市场。对托比叔叔来说,推出无麸质麦片并不是谷类食品市场上的第一个产品。像凯洛格、科尔斯和伍尔沃斯这样的公司已经在这个市场上竞争了。Woolworths的新产品“Free from麸质”面包被评选为2016年产品创新消费者调查(2016年赢家)。然而,可以忽略不计的即食午餐是无麸质。对于麸质不耐受的消费者来说,有快速修复和营养的制剂需求。这对托比斯叔叔来说是个好机会。以盈利为代价的迷你午餐肯定会吸引有健康意识的人。





These findings clearly indicate the ready market for the gluten-free products. For Uncle Toby launching a gluten-free cereal would not be the first in the cereal market. The companies like Kellogg, Coles, and Woolworths are already playing in this market arena. The new product of Woolworths called “Free from Gluten” bread is been voted as the product of the year 2016 as per the Consumer Survey of the Product Innovation (Winners, 2016). However, the negligible options available in the ready-to-eat lunch meals which are gluten-free. There is demand of preparations which are quick to fix and nutritious as well for gluten intolerant consumer. This could be a great opportunity for Uncle Tobys. The mini lunch meals at a profitable cost would surely attract the health conscious people.

Evaluation of new product or service concepts, including a justified final concept selection

The evaluation of this new product ‘gluten-free ready-to-eat mini lunch’ can be evaluated by addressing the consumers. This method of product concept evaluation requires potential consumers to decide whether the idea of mini meals for lunch which are gluten-free is exciting to them or not. The company management would get a clear perspective regarding probable reception of the product in market. Important questions like potential sale, profitability and market share can be judged by this method. The costs, sales and profit predictions might not be accurate at this stage but nevertheless it gives an indication to possible scenarios. The idea of possible market share can be taken from the current market share of the gluten-free products of the competitors. Keeping an optimistic view the evaluation of this new concept can be done.

The product evaluation through consumer studies could be conducted by the means of a survey or a series of focus group. These methods predict the level of consumer acceptance of the idea of gluten-free lunch products and also indicate the price that they are ready to pay for such a commodity. The options available in the market and the consumer reviews of those options can be obtained in such surveys. Uncle Tobys can utilize prototype gluten-free mini meals samples to present as product concepts for public opinion. Presenting the consumers with number of options makes it easy to ascertain preference and acceptance pattern.