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本篇美国代写-银行如何应对市场风险讲了市场风险是与银行运作相关的不可避免的因素之一。可见,由于市场的种种沉浮,银行在日常工作中面临着一定程度的动荡。为了减少这个问题,这些公司在他们的安全系统中纳入并坚持以下方法。本篇美国代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Compare the Methodologies of these Four Largest Bank

Market Risk is one of those inevitable factors that can be associated with the functioning of the banks. It is seen that due to the indulgence of various ups and downs in the market, banks face certain level of upheaval in their day to day workings. In order to lessen the problem, these firms have incorporated and asserted the following methodologies in their security system. The methodologies thus used have been discussed below in details:

National Australia Bank: Due to the upheaval of the situation of market risk, there are certain aspects that have posed a problem on the working criteria of the National Australia Bank (De Jong, Loudon and Choo, 2016). The different methodologies that have been incorporated by the bank in order to lessen the market risk is by giving sole importance to their customers, engaging highly skilled and supportive staff and generating active returns on the equity of the share holders.

Commonwealth Bank: In order to cope up with the situation of market risk, the bank has constructed a management committee and also incorporated certain governing policies that help to provide guidance to the bank (Ali and Banks, 2014). The governing policies such as the group market risk policy and the trading book policy provides support to the working culture whereas the management committee looks after the assets and the liabilities of the bank.

Australia and New Zealand Bank: The ANZ bank has a strong risk management strategy that is followed up to control the obstacles that come up in between the growth of the bank (Australia and New Zealand Bank, 2017). The risk management procedure takes into consideration the use of various internal ratings that help to keep a check on the credit quality and eradicate the issues regarding financial crisis.

Westpac Bank: The methodologies that have been implemented by the Westpac bank involve a five step process (Westpac Bank, 2017). The strategy has a five – fold method is – performance discipline, service leadership, digital transformation, target growth and workforce revolution. This has helped the bank to construct a sequential order to attain growth.