Assignment First


John w . Lundquist:安德森,确实有迫切需要解决现有的食品安全法,使现行的法律严格按照六分之一的人被发现受到某种食物传播疾病的影响。由此可以计算,每年大约有4800万人因感染这种污染而死亡,其中有3000人死于这种污染。食物可信度被摧毁。大多数我们当前的重点是食品的进口商,确保食品的质量,带进美国类似于法律其次是郡内的本土食品,因为这就是我们面临的主要问题已知掺假的食品被带进这个国家。目前,责任落在FDA和CDC的肩上,这显然是不令人满意的,进口商必须承担部分责任。最近,从土耳其进口的石榴籽被污染了。如果进口商对防止污染采取积极的措施,这本来是可以避免的。




John W. Lundquist: Well Anderson, it is true that there is an urgent need to address the existing food safety laws and make the current laws stringent as one in six people are found to be affected with some sort of food borne illness. From this it can be calculated that roughly 48 million people get sick every year of which 3000 people die from this contamination [2]. Food credibility gets destroyed [11]. Most of our current focus has been on the importers of food products to ensure that the quality of food that is brought into America is similar to the laws followed by the indigenous food products inside the county, because this is where we face major problems of known adulterated food being brought into the country. Currently the responsibilities fall on the shoulder of the FDA and CDC this has obviously proven to be unsatisfactory and the importers must bear a part of this responsibility. Recently the pomegranate seeds that were imported from Turkey were contaminated. This could have been prevented had the importers take an active interest in preventing contamination.
Anderson Cooper: But isn’t more of the concerns from the business angle only [10]. It is estimated that people in America generally consume a lot of fruits and vegetables around 20 percent and 15 percent of the food products that are consumed are fruits and vegetables. Most of which are imported. This does indicate the importance of this situation [2]. However do you mean to agree with the point made by Pritzker that manslaughter level penalties must be given to importers or local manufacturers.
John W. Lundquist: That is not my point really. What I meant to state was the import sector is highly filled with adulteration issues, but the issues that we face internally are more controlled, we are a regulated environment really.