Assignment First



One of the most important tools which can be provided for the purpose of identification, analysis, examination of the design of the cities in such a way that it provides a fresh and a deeper approach to the nature, ecology and the culture. Thus, it is a subject which opens on a wide number of themes such as the general ideas which can be used with respect to the context. It also focusses on the deeper understanding of the process by which the nature and the ecology seems to evolve, the changes which are observed in the industry over a span of time and how frequently the changes in the environment are been reflect upon. In addition to this, this also leads to the horizontal approach with respect to the design approach under the landscape urbanism. Thus, it is something which does not focus on the vertical structure. One of the indication which can be of utmost importance for the purpose of providing the utter reforms with respect to the physical terrain, which can include the sensitive information related to the meeting of the needs without doing any compromise in the ability of the future generations, thus by considering the future prospects as well (Corner, 2003). One of the example reflecting the importance of the Landscape urbanism includes the London Olympic games which were held in the year 2012, which showed that there is an existing chance to have the growth of the functionally sound landscape oriented complex for the sports which can also address to the future implementations and can respond to the games which are played them. The landscape urbanism is also important as it can act as an interactive medium for the purpose of design as it is something which affects the relationship amongst the people and the environment which are needed to be met in the dynamic requirements. In addition, it can be used for the adaption of the techniques which are new and imaginative and can be used for the purpose of addressing the varying fields and other dynamics (Donadieu, 2006).